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8 Push Notifications That Guarantee Clicks and Purchases

8 high performing push notifications

How would you like to be the brand that customers WANT to hear from? What if push notifications from your mobile app weren’t irritatedly swiped away but clicked on immediately?

You already have a mobile app, the best-performing owned marketing channel. It would be best if you were a little more creative and strategic in your messaging. But getting this right can make or break your mobile commerce strategy.

If you cannot engage your app users with the proper push notifications, they may never relaunch your app. Worse, they may be ticked off the wrong way and drop your app like a hot potato.

But you can leave your push notifications and all things mobile commerce to Plobal Apps. We’ve already done the work for you. We have been the app commerce partner for more than 4000 top Shopify brands, and our experience and expertise have helped our brands ace their push notification game.

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Our platform provides unique insights that help you personalize your messaging to a 1:1 degree. Personalization is the key to keeping users engaged in the app. As brands begin leveraging better segmentation tools, targeting gets more precise.

Read on to find push notifications that make customers click and purchase.

The eight best push notifications you can steal for your Shopify store.

Here we’ve put together the most creative notifications from the highest-performing campaigns.

Welcome push notifications

The welcome campaign is your first pass. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to build on the momentum of a new app download. Usually, when a customer downloads your app, they’re either loyal customers looking to make a particular purchase or people who want to take advantage of the discount you offer on app download.

So, make sure your welcome message is warm and inviting. You’re doing it right if your messages encourage people to click and launch the app, make impulse purchases, and file it away as an engaging shopping experience. Welcome cadences ensure a high-touch, communication-rich app interaction journey that determines if shopping in your app will be a habit.

Welcome push notification campaigns usually see a 15% conversion rate. Enticed by the welcome discount, 15 out of 100 people who casually visit your website download your mobile app and make a purchase. To put that into context, the average global eCommerce website conversion rate is just 2.02%. 

The most important benefit of running this campaign is that it drives the “add to cart” action. The abandoned cart campaign triggers when a customer adds an item to their cart. And listen to this – an abandoned cart chain of push notifications get over 15% conversion!

Welcome discount push notification

Price drop push notifications

What’s better than finding that perfect pair of sneakers you’ve been looking for? Hunting down a bargain and seeing them for cheaper! With the insights you get through a mobile app, it is easy to determine what products customers browsed, wishlist and added to their carts.

Now you already know they like these products. You can confirm this with the insights from your Plobal Apps dashboard. Plobal Apps’ data layer gets you buyer and buyer-app interaction info. This helps you segment your customers accordingly and personalize communication to a 1:1 degree. If you lower the prices of those products and use the most effective channel of customer communication (mobile push notifications) to tell them about your low prices, who will deny you a sale?

Abandoned cart, abandoned wishlist, and abandoned browse push notification campaigns

70% of e-commerce customers abandon carts. Brands lose $260 million from carts abandoned at check out. There’s one thing you can do about it. And it works well. You can send highly targeted abandoned cart push notifications. Our brands found that abandoned cart push notifications performed 300% better than abandoned cart email and SMS. So while abandoned cart push notifications are inherently effective, excellent notification copy can guarantee purchases.

Abandoned cart push notification


Abandoned cart discount push notification

Back-in-stock push notifications

So your newest product launch went great; it’s flying off the shelf. Life is great. But it’s heartbreaking to find that you’re losing out on orders now because your inventory ran out. Once the moment’s gone and the buzz has died down, how do you capitalize on the hype again? You can let your customers know their favorite products are in stock or trigger purchases with pre-orders using back-in-stock push notification campaigns.

Back in stock push notification

Limited-time discounts and promotional offer notifications

FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) makes you do crazy things. And the little things, like push notifications, push you over the edge (no pun intended). If you tell your customers you have something RIGHT NOW that they’ll never get again, it triggers an emotional response that fuels on-the-spot purchases.

Push notifications with limited-time promotional offers have an exceptionally high likelihood of getting clicked. Here’s how they work: Plobal’s insight based on clickstream data tells you what a customer has previously viewed, clicked on, or added to wishlists and carts. You can then secure a purchase by delivering a push notification that tells your customer about a limited-time offer on the product they want.

Limited time discount push notification

New products push notification campaign

Launching a new line or collection is a lot of work. You work on the idea, validate the product, form a go-to-market strategy, test with consumer groups, promote it in the right niches, and the list goes on. Fortunately, you can put online sales and marketing on autopilot if you have a mobile app.

Your app users essentially have a captive audience of loyal customers. They love your brand and look forward to new collections, product updates, and offers to purchase more from your brand. When you send updates your customers look forward to, you send out marketing messaging with an exceptionally high open rate.

Metrics back our claims – 81% of android users opt-in for retail (e-commerce app) notifications. Here’s a good one from Hobbiesville.

New product alert

Review request push notifications

Nothing validates your products better for your customers than reviews from other customers. The most effective way to score customer assessments is to send them a mobile app push notification asking them to rate or review their recent purchase.

You can get a decent number of reviews through your mobile app because your notification gets more visibility and has a higher chance of being clicked on than an email asking for a review. Two, you can deep link your information directly to the review page.

That means if your customer clicks on the app push notification, they will be taken directly to the review page, making reviewing a straightforward process.

More importantly, with a review request, you’re telling your customers how important their input is. This goes a long way in building a positive brand image.

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What makes a sound push notification?

A catchy title

Catch your customer’s attention with a message that’ll make them read your message and click on it to launch the app.

Deep links

Link to targeted areas in the app, such as the product they were checking out, the collection they would probably be interested in, or the new sale you’ve just launched. This will move along purchases and guide customers to the checkout as quickly as possible. Modern, mobile-savvy customers come to expect such smooth and seamless shopping experiences.

An image

If you get a message showing you the eye cream you almost bought but didn’t, you’re more likely to buy it than you are if you get a message that mentions the eye cream you want. 

It’s personal

Say what your customers want to hear, and they’ll listen to you. Personalized push notifications – sending the right message to the right audience always get results. Personalizing your push notifications can improve reaction rates by 400%!

Mobile push notifications are the ideal high-impact low effort marketing channel for your Shopify brand – once you’ve set up a mobile commerce strategy. If you’re exploring mobile commerce and want a mobile app for your brand, talk to our mobile commerce experts for free. They can help you tailor an app success journey to fit your brand and help you drive an extra 29% in sales! 

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