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9 Must-Have Shopify Apps to Grow Your Store

Shopify apps

You decided to start your eCommerce venture. You spent months creating and collating products to build your online store. You launch your business and boom; you make your first sale. Great! Now what? You want to grow your business and make more sales, right? But how?

Whether you’ve just started or are already a couple of months into the business, you’ll require a few basics to get your store up and to run. Shopify offers a unique collection of apps for newly launched enterprises that you might want to take a look at. To make things easy, we’ve created an exclusive Growth Guide that enlists nine handpicked Shopify Apps to help you grow your business with the least effort.


Here are the best Shopify apps for your business.



Digital Marketing Bot to help you with all your marketing activities.  

KIT CRM - Shopify

Once you have optimized your SEO and see a fair bit of traffic, you’ll need to move your focus to Market. Now Marketing doesn’t necessarily mean hiring people or collaborating with an agency; that would be burning a lot of money. You can start small.

This excellent Marketing Automation Bot called KIT CRM takes care of digital marketing for your business. With Kit, you can create Facebook ads, emailers, surveys, and more using their bot. You have to tell the bot what you want it to do for you and the bot has you covered. Plus, it’s cheap – as little as $10 a month, making it an excellent tool for established and growing businesses.

Plobal Apps

It helps you increase sales by creating a beautiful Shopify mobile app that your customers will love!

Plobal Apps Shopify Mobile App Shopify Plus Mobile App

Once you start driving traffic and engaging customers, you’ll want to move up a level. That’s when you can start focusing on your mobile-first customers. However, building an app doesn’t necessarily involve spending considerable money upfront. You can consider using a mobile app building platform to build your mobile app, which is cost-effective and time-saving.

Plobal Apps is a mobile app builder which allows you to create an app in less than 5 minutes! The plug-in helps you provide your customers with a fantastic shopping experience and increase conversions by up to 120% more than mobile browsers. It offers various features like:

Push Notifications that allow you to engage with your customers and keep them coming back for more.

Apple Pay provides your customers with a frictionless shopping experience and helps you reduce drop-offs at checkout.

Native checkout so that your customers enjoy a seamless and fully native, rich mobile shopping experience.

Social Media Connectors to amplify your brand awareness and engage customers by displaying your Facebook, Instagram, Youtube & Twitter feeds Social Media feeds.

Powerful Dashboard to help you understand your customers and make better decisions

More so, their pricing plans are cheap, starting as low as $29, which makes it a sweet deal!




It helps you boost customer trust by generating reviews, ratings, questions & answers, and more user-generated content for your eCommerce website.

Yotpo - Shopify App

When you tell a customer that your products are fantastic, he may or may not believe you. But if your existing customers write a great product review, it can help shape a potential customer’s purchasing decision. Yotpo is specially built to boost customer trust and conversion rate by generating more site & product reviews with Yotpo’s in-mail review form. (previously Sweet Tooth)

Boosts customer engagement & loyalty with incentives

Loyalty Reward Points - Shopify

You can quickly set up and run your points-based loyalty program with Loyalty Reward Points. The app allows 10+ ways for you to reward your customers no matter what plan you choose. You can select the activities you want to reward your customers for, such as Referrals, Social Media Shares, Social Follows, Account Registrations, Birthday Bonuses, and much more. With reward points, your customers will more likely return and make repeat purchases.

The Motivator:

This tool by Bold Commerce increases your revenues by encouraging customers to spend more with attractive incentives.

The Motivator - Shopif App

This one is a simple yet brilliant app that allows you to motivate your customers to spend more each time they add something to their cart. You can create various goals and encourage customers to complete them by offering attractive incentives.

For instance, if you offer free shipping after $100, you can cheer your customers with various messages telling them how much more they need to spend to reach their goal with fun messages like, ‘Sweet! Spend $37.21 more and get free shipping!’ Or ‘Nice! You’re only $37.21 away from a free shirt!’

Plug in SEO:

Checks your store for problems that affect your performance on Search Engines.

PlugIn SEO - Shopify

Search is an integral discovery channel for online businesses. Hence, it would be best if you were extra mindful of your store’s SEO ranking. Ensure that your store is highly optimized so customers can find your store and the products you sell.

Plugin SEO is a great and free tool for growing Shopify businesses. Once you install it, the app checks your store and determines the issues with your SEO performance. It tracks all the essential areas of search engine optimization, including page titles, headings, meta descriptions, speed, blog post structure, content freshness, and more; it provides insights into which areas can be better optimized.

Optimize Checkout

Increase sales, and conversions and reduce abandoned carts across all devices by optimizing cart and checkout experiences for customers


Every customer login and register on your storefront could lead to a significant increase in sales and conversions.

90% of the time, every new user on your website is prompted to register before making a purchase.

After registration, however, he is re-directed to the’ My Account Page’ instead of being taken back to his Cart to complete his purchase. This causes distraction/frustration for the user, hurting your sales & conversions.

With Optimize Checkout, your storefront automatically starts redirecting the new user straight to the ‘Checkout Page’ to help him seamlessly proceed to checkout and complete the purchase.

Whether you have a few hundred in web traffic or millions, Optimize checkout gives your customers a seamless checkout experience and helps you increase conversions.

Quick OC Benefits:

  • Help new stores get their first sales
  • Helps new customers register and proceed to checkout directly from the checkout page
  • Helps existing stores increase conversions and sales via the cart and checkout pages
  • Helps reduce abandoned cart rates from both new and repeat customers
  • Helps existing customers with seamless login experiences on cart and checkout pages
  • Integrates with all themes on the Shopify App Store
  • Integrates with all devices, web, mobile, and mobile apps

Multichannel inventory management made simple with Veeqo

Manage orders, ship to customers, and sync inventory across multiple sales channels in real-time

Veeqo helps Shopify retailers automate their entire back office. With the software, you can manage orders, ship to customers, sync inventory across multiple sales channels in real-time, view detailed reports, and manage your warehouse – all from a single, easy-to-use platform. Check them out.

eCommerce Email Marketing by Omnisend

Increases customer engagement and sales with Campaign Booster, Cart Recovery, and Welcome emails.

eCommerce Email Marketing - Shopify AppOur last choice is an all-in-one email marketing solution to help you build a solid customer base and drive engagement. You can create powerful pop-ups, interesting welcome emails, and beautiful newsletters to increase your subscribers. Learn more about eCommerce email marketing – at

Final Thoughts

This handful of Shopify apps will help you skyrocket your sales and drive enormous engagement without burning a hole in your pocket. Always remember that each business is different and has different requirements, be extremely careful while choosing your growth plug-ins and ensure that they align with your business objectives.

I hope this list helps you in your growth journey. If you think we missed out on any helpful Shopify apps that you believe should’ve been on the list, feel free to mention them in the comments below.


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