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5 Important Tips to Increase the Conversion Rate on Your Store

Conversion rate

Running a modern e-commerce business is something you need to dedicate time and energy to. There are so many different things you need to ensure you get right, and the main focus for your e-commerce company needs to be customer conversion rate. This is the way you generate more interest in the company, and secure more sales for the business while you are at it. The best way of converting customers on your e-commerce site…

How To Leverage Facebook Ads To Increase Your Shopify Store Sales

facebook ads for Shopify store

Boosting eCommerce sales requires effective marketing. That means using channels that give you the opportunity to cast a wide net, while also targeting potential customers who would be genuinely interested in your business. Facebook is an extremely useful tool in this respect. With approximately 2.19 billion active monthly users, the social media platform allows marketers to reach a wide audience, and Facebook Ads also allows them to target the right audience. From carousel ad formats…

8 Shopify SEO Tips To Boost Organic Traffic For Your Store

Shopify SEO tips

For any online business as well as your Shopify store, SEO is an important factor for success. Though the basic principle for SEO is same for any website, for eCommerce stores there are few more things which should be taken care of. Here are 8 tips to revitalize SEO for your Shopify store. Do the keyword research beforehand As soon as you have decided the products you will be selling online the first thing you…