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Double Sales on Black Friday With Push Notifications

This blog explore the perfect launchpad to boost Black Friday sales.

Are you looking for new ways to increase sales through the Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend? Well, there’s a lot of excellent new research out on the best tactics for getting the most out of the cyber weekend, and most of it all comes down to one rule; make sure your message stands out. One great way to break through the noise is with push notifications. 

This blog will discuss how to use Push Notifications to boost sales this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

What are mobile push notifications?

Mobile push notifications are messages that pop up on a mobile device. You can send them anytime, and it doesn’t require the user to open the app or be on their phone. This makes them the fastest way to connect with customers, even when they’re not actively looking for deals. They’re also the most effective way to deliver timely and important messages that prompt your users to take action.

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Why SMS and Email campaigns are not enough

Messaging is more essential than ever in a mobile-first world. It’s the most frequent mode of communication.

Customers are bombarded with marketing messages and deals from all directions, especially during the holiday rush—25% off this, 70% off that. According to a recent study, in 2021, e-commerce brands sent 116.5 million emails on Black Friday, 106 million emails on Cyber Monday, and 95 million emails on Thanksgiving. It can be easy for your message to get lost in all this noise.

Although SMS and Email campaigns have proven effective, customers still need to open your text and purchase on your mobile site. And since eCommerce is designed for your desktop, check-out rates are low (3%), and retention is almost impossible.

With mobile push notifications, you can reach your customer where they are most likely to engage and purchase, all with just one click.

A creative comparing results of Push Notifications with SMS and Email campaigns to establish the necessity of push notifications during Black Friday

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What are the most profitable push notifications?

Push notifications are free, so there’s no limit to the number of messages you can send your consumers; however, ensure you’re not over-communicating when trying to catch their attention. When you send a notification, it should be something your customers are interested in.

A creative listing the different types of top performing push notifications for your Black Friday strategy

How can you get started with personalization? 

According to a Salesforce study, 51% of consumers expect companies to anticipate their needs and make relevant product suggestions before they even contact them.

This statistic is more relevant for the biggest sale of the year. Just seeing their name in communication no longer impresses customers. So what can you do to impress them? Through one-on-one marketing.

Here’s how you can start with personalization for your mobile app:

  1. Segment your audience 

Segmentation helps you understand your customer’s needs and deliver hyper-personalized messages tailored to each customer. This allows you to reach the right person at the right time and with the proper context. 

  1. Collect and analyze data.

Data is the number one key factor in creating campaigns that drive results. The more data you have, the easier it becomes to identify trends and predict customer behavior. These help you strategize data-backed campaigns that will convert. And this aids in A/B testing your campaigns as well.

A creative explaining A/B testing.

3. Personalize brand experiences 

Adding custom attributes like personal recommendations and exclusive offers goes a long way in impacting your user. This is only possible if you have solid segmentation and data analysis systems. Big giants like Amazon have taken this to ‘predictive personalization’ through customized homepages and tabs like ‘Frequently Bought Together.’

The different stages of personalization maturity.

4. Automate triggered campaigns

Triggered campaigns are event-based campaigns that are triggered by a specific action. They increase the chance of conversion as they go out to customers who have already shown an interest in your brand. These could be in the form of cart abandonment, browse abandonment, and welcome emails.

Push notifications for BFCM

Now that you know how to use push notifications, it’s time to implement them this cyber weekend. Here’s how you can use push notifications to drive more results and sales in different phases of the sale:

Before Black Friday 

Push notification campaign ides before Black Friday.

This phase is about earning the customer’s trust by displaying highly-rated products, customized communications, and making fast checkout possible to build trust. It is also about creating some buzz around your offers and your brand.

Push Notifications that you should send before Black Friday are:

  • App-exclusive deals
  • Sneak peek offers 
  • A countdown to savings
  • Price drop alerts

During the cyber weekend

Push notification campaign ides during Black Friday Cyber Monday .

This is the phase where you need to push your products and offers and create urgency. This is also the phase where most of your revenue will come in.

Push Notifications that help during Black Friday are:

  • Re-target customers (Abandoned carts, back in stock)
  • Send reminders 
  • Flash Sales
  • Last chance notifications
  • Cross-selling

After the holiday sales are over

Push notification campaign ides after Black Friday Cyber Monday .

This is the phase where you can focus on customer retention and relationship management. You must ensure your customers have a great experience and are satisfied with their purchase.

Push Notifications that you should send out after Black Friday are:

  • Thank you messages
  • Product Review Requests 
  • Extending Sale 
  • Cross-selling 
  • Shipping notifications

Need help with your marketing strategy for this BFCM? 

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