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5 Important Tips to Increase the Conversion Rate on Your Store

Conversion rate

Running a modern e-commerce business is something you need to dedicate time and energy to. There are so many different things you need to ensure you get right, and the main focus for your e-commerce company needs to be customer conversion rate. This is the way you generate more interest in the company, and secure more sales for the business while you are at it. The best way of converting customers on your e-commerce site…

The Complete Guide To Reduce Cart Abandonment With Push Notifications

reduce cart abandonment push notifications

According to a survey by Baymard Institute, online shopping stores experience a whopping 69.89% cart abandonment. No matter what deals they offer or how amazing their products are, a typical consumer is just used to exploring all the options available to them before making a purchase. Now you might feel that’s something you can’t tackle, but that’s not true. While you can’t stop them from exploring other deals available to them, you certainly can recover…

Growth Hacking The Shopify Store Mobile App Success Journey

shopify store mobile app success

Every Shopify store owner is really excited about their app going live. It’s like the next big step to taking your online business to a whole new level so there’s every reason to be. To get your Shopify store mobile app up and live, you’ve spent a lot of time, effort and money. However, gone are the days when simply creating an app was enough to make it visible, known and starting to generate revenue…

How To Write Shopify Store Product Descriptions To Get More Sales

shopify store product descriptions tips

You may think that all a Shopify shopper cares about are product photos. Of course, visually delightful images help in making an informed purchase decision, but that’s certainly not the reason why a consumer buys. A study by Nielsen Norman Group states customers spend 82% of their time at the online store, studying the textual information available on it. That’s where the Shopify store product descriptions come into play! Even though Shopify store owners know…

How To Leverage Facebook Ads To Increase Your Shopify Store Sales

facebook ads for Shopify store

Boosting eCommerce sales requires effective marketing. That means using channels that give you the opportunity to cast a wide net, while also targeting potential customers who would be genuinely interested in your business. Facebook is an extremely useful tool in this respect. With approximately 2.19 billion active monthly users, the social media platform allows marketers to reach a wide audience, and Facebook Ads also allows them to target the right audience. From carousel ad formats…