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How a mobile app drove $15000+ in less than 13 months for Shopify Store Zahana


Zahana is an online fashion & accessories store founded by Peenal Jain, a young female entrepreneur from India. Peenal started her entrepreneurial journey with Shopify and launched her store in May 2014

With a small team of 4 people, Peenal has grown her business to become one of the most popular accessories store in India, driving a steady revenue of INR 10lac+ solely from her mobile app.

When she launched Zahana, the brand only had a mobile optimized website and solely depended on it for customer acquisition and sales. Moreover, they were up against competitors with multi-platform availability and bigger marketing budgets.

After a few months of launching Zahana, Peenal noticed that more than 40% of her customers were visiting her store via mobile. She realised that Zahana was lacking an app to engage and retain their mobile-first users.

The Goal

With the aim of building a mobile app for her business, Peenal approached Plobal Apps in May 2016. Peenal wanted to build a mobile app to enhance the shopping experience for her mobile-first customers. Most importantly, she wanted to test out and see if a mobile app would help her in increasing her mobile revenues.

Key Goals

  • Optimize Mobile traffic and improve conversions
  • Enhance shopping experience for mobile-first customers
  • Build an additional revenue channel

The Process

When Peenal came onboard,  we gave her a walk-through of our product and created a preview app for her store.  With the intent of making it simpler for her users to shop via mobile, Peenal used Plobal Apps to create Zahana’s official iOS & Android mobile apps. She customized the theme and layout of the app to match Zahana’s branding and submitted the app to the respective App stores.  

In about a week, Zahana’s mobile app was live on the App Store & Play Store.


How a Mobile App drove INR 6+lac in revenues for this Indian Shopify Entrepreneur


We know that  getting people to download your app is a fundamental challenge faced by every ecommerce business. As soon as Peenal’s Android & iOS apps went live, we  started our App Success Journey to help her increase app downloads and engagement.

We introduced her to our free ‘Redirectify Tool’ – which helped her promote her mobile app and convert her web and mobile traffic into app downloads. Using our Redirectify tool,  Zahana successfully drove 300+ app downloads in less than a week!

We also shared similar other Growth Hacks with Peenal to help her promote her app and increase app downloads. With our Customer Activity Dashboard, Peenal can monitor user activities in real-time and closely understand how customers interact with her app. This has helped Peenal and her team take data driven actions and send targeted and timely push notifications to their users.

On an average, push notifications have helped Zahana drive up to 30% more traffic to the app.

The Result

In conjunction with their website, Zahana’s mobile app has quickly become one of their best sales channel, generating more highly-qualified leads and conversions.

Zahana has significantly improved their mobile shopping experience, making it more personal and hassle-free for customers to shop on the go!

“It was incredibly refreshing to work with a company that focused on our business needs and had a thorough understanding of the Mobile App Ecosystem. We keep receiving a lot of positive feedback from our customers thanking us for building an app. I truly feel a synergy with team Plobal Apps and a strong commitment to getting my business to the next level.” Peenal Jain, Zahana


How a Mobile App drove INR 6+lac in revenues for this Indian Shopify Entrepreneur.

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