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How Nurturing Your Customers After Checkout Can Add To Your Revenues!

Do you spend your time and energy nurturing the clients you already have, or are you always chasing after new customers? If it’s the latter, it’s time to reconsider your strategy, because the average revenue earned by online stores from repeat purchases is a staggering 43% .

What’s more, another study by Bain & Co.’s suggests that 5% growth in customer retention results in 75% increase in profits!  

Now that’s reason enough for you, to make conscious efforts towards designing a customer experience that lasts well beyond the first purchase. In other words, an amazing customer experience can work magic and make every new customer relate to and want to fall in love with your brand.

Sadly, an overwhelming number of businesses haven’t woken up to the importance of making the existing customer feel special and pampered. A staggering 63% of marketers consider bringing new customers on board to be their biggest business goal. However, what they probably don’t realize is that customer acquisition costs seven times more than customer retention.

Also, according to a study by the Garter Group, companies that placed a higher value on building customer relations, experienced a 60% rise in profits when compared to the competition. Needless to say, most businesses out there are left wondering why their brand fails to create the desired impact.

Designing the Perfect Experience for your Customer after Checkout

So, what goes into designing an amazing experience for your customers who make a first-time purchase? You’ll be surprised to know that when it comes to making it memorable for your customers, the little details make all the difference! The great news is that nurturing your new customer with an amazing experience that is remembered, is easier than you ever thought. So, let’s get started with 5 ways to accomplish this…

1] Product Recommendations via Thank You Mail

Once a customer makes that all-important first purchase on an online portal, he receives a Thank You mail in his inbox and here’s an example:

Now, the Thank You mail has the potential to introduce the new customer to all the amazing things your store has to offer. So, instead of sending an email that does little to serve the purpose, choose to include product recommendations along with a call to action button, such as ‘Browse more Products’. You can also include discount coupons, links to your social media pages, a short survey or even a contest!

A good example is shown below


If yours is a fashion & lifestyle brand, you can even include links to other products that complement the product purchased, complete with styling tips and creative ideas. It’s all about making the customer engage with your brand. However, remember to keep it subtle. You don’t want your Thank You mail to sound like a sales pitch, do you?

2] Create a Memorable Unboxing Experience

Why do you think people buy stuff? While many of us buy what we really need, a major chunk of stuff bought online is a result of impulse shopping. People are made to think they need a certain product, thanks to advertisements, glamorous celebrity endorsements and marketing strategies working their magic. As the owner of an online store, you take so much efforts to add value to a product and make it look attractive. Your customers relate to the image you create for your products and so, when it finally arrives on that oh-so-predictable white or brown packaging, the bubble is burst and trust me, it’s not a great feeling.

You can change this by investing in attractive packaging and you’ll have an unboxing experience that your customers will cherish. If you’re still not sure, just have a look at the staggering number of unboxing videos that are popular all over the web! People love receiving stuff in beautiful boxes. Beautiful packaging will make your customers feel they have received a gift and make them cherish your brand.


(Example of Kylie cosmetics packaging… or any such awesome packaging example…. just the image)

3] Follow-up Email Asking for a Feedback about the Product

So, the product has reached the customer. What next? Make your customers feel cherished with follow-up email asking for their feedback and thoughts about the product. People like to be heard and it can assist you in creating a better product, improving your service, etc. Provide them an easy way to communicate. We suggest that you also see this as an opportunity to make your new customer take actions to further engage with your brand.

A good example would be:

Hey! So that cool pair of jeans has reached you! Hope you’ve found your perfect fit.

How about some cool tees that will add to the style quotient of your jeans? Hv a look!

Note that it’s a great idea to mention your no-questions asked return/exchange policy in this mail, just so that your new customer knows he has nothing to worry in case the product does not meet his expectations. You can also inspire your customers to drop a review with exclusive discounts!


4] Product Related Information and Value Adds

So your new customer has liked the product and has sent in a positive feedback. To see that he make the most of the product(s), it is a great idea to drop him a mail that talks about how he has an amazing product in his hands. Needless to say, the content of the mail will vary with the type of product in question, but the bottom-line is to make your new customer realize he has purchased an amazing product.


For example, if it’s apparel, you can add care instructions and some amazing styling tips that bring out the versatility of the item in question. If it’s a smartphone, well, just drop in a mail with the amazing list of specifications and talk about a few accessories your customer will be interested in. You can also invest time in creating buyer personas and send meaningful articles they might be interested in.

5] Prompt User for Social Media Promotion

We all know that people love social media and also social media is the biggest platform for brand building. After your new customer has received the product, prompt him to share a photo of himself with the product on any of the social media platforms and tag them to your brand. Come up with cool hashtags that intrigue!

A great idea is to create a contest that revolves around participants sharing photos, and ask your new customers to be a part of it. You can even organize an event and send invites. It’s all about building excitement about your brand and it’s a win-win for both.


6] New Product Arrival Mail

Email marketing campaigns are big right now and there’s no reason why you should not make use of well thought out email campaigns to engage your customers and benefit your brand.

Use email campaigns or newsletters to notify your new customers about new arrivals and/or an amazing range of products. This way, your existing customers get the privilege of the “first look” and this can boost brand loyalty. It’s all about making him feel important and he will cherish the experience. Now, if he already has a gift/discount coupon that he can use to get exclusive discounts on the new arrivals, it only serves as the icing on the cake!

So, you see that there are simple ways to create a memorable experience about the first purchase and believe us when we say that it’s totally worth it! After all, existing customers are likely to spend at least three times more than new customers, for they trust your brand. When you can successfully ensure that every new customer who likes your products and makes a purchase is excited enough to come back again and again, there’s simply no looking back!

Now if you’re wondering how difficult it would be to send these emails in a timely manner, think automation. You can integrate your Shopify and email marketing apps to automate these emails to nurture customers with personalized messages. That way you’re not just ensuring that your emails go out at the right time, but also not missing out on opportunities to re-convert these customers to drive more repeat purchases.

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