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How to Choose Shopify Apps That Grow Your Online Store Sales [infographic]

how to choose shopify apps infographic

You have set up your online store on Shopify and are ready to reach a global market. But apart from the advertisements you will use to promote your products and get some eyeballs on your store; you will need many other tools and apps to optimize your budgets further. While thousands of Shopify apps are available in the store, you need to be able to pick out the one that is right for you. But how to choose Shopify Apps that will grow your online store sales?

Shopify currently powers 600,000 businesses in 175 countries, which only grows daily. This only goes to say that no matter how unique the product you’re offering, there will always be hundredsed of other stores targeting the same consumer market and competing with you for their attention.

You need to further optimize your Shopify store for maximum conversions and sales.

After talking to some of the most successful Shopify Stores across different niches, we identified a few criteria based on which they chose the Shopify Apps they continue to use even today. The top ones are the app’s ability to scale with them and, of course, a team willing to help them at all times!

But we put together an infographic to give you a checklist of choosing Shopify apps for your store – without going wrong or losing money.

how to choose shopify apps plobal apps

Every store has different needs. So always start by identifying your goals and your target market. Choosing the right Shopify App for your store can be a challenge, but it is a one-time effort that will eventually get you the best results!

We’ve also created a list of 9 must-have Shopify apps for your online store to get you started. Check them out here.

When we attended the Shopify Unite 2018, there was a discussion about how merchants should choose the right Shopify Apps for their stores. Here’s a slide on the same:

how to choose Shopify apps
At Shopify Unite 2018

Some of the priorities highlighted by the Shopify experts during the event include determining the functionality of a Shopify app, understanding what support they offer, and reading reviews and pricing. This enables Shopify merchants to optimize their resources, pick out the right app in the first place, and grow and hack their sales.

What other aspects do you remember while choosing a Shopify App for your store?

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