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How to Get The First Sale On Your Shopify Store Mobile App In 30 Days

shopify store mobile app make your first sale

Now that you have your Shopify store mobile app all set with the first 500 users on it already, it’s time to make your first sale. But in case you missed step one, don’t forget to check out our guide on how to get your initial users in just 10 days, here.

Getting the first sale on your Shopify store mobile app

Getting people to install your app is solving just one part of the problem. But the other one that remains unaddressed is how you can turn this into a scalable and repeatable process to generate new revenues via the mobile app.

If your initial set of users are not engaged with early on, they won’t have any reason to use your app or to even keep it on their phone. A lack of an engagement strategy will not just lead to a higher churn rate, but also loss of the potential revenue that you could generate!

So how do you really engage your users?

By creating a unique shopping experience for them, from the first point of interaction.

1. Focus on explaining your Shopify store mobile app

Let’s just say, the first impression is the last one. The first time a user launches the app, it’s your moment to shine through and hook his interest instantly. Now there are two aspects of creating an AHA moment for your users – helping them understand everything that your app does and giving them a reason to convert in their first session itself.

You might think that an eCommerce app needs no explanation. But what if the user is someone who has only purchased from desktop sites or from brick and mortar stores?

Instead of taking it for granted, just make sure that you offer your initial users a quick and personalized onboarding session when they first launch your Shopify store mobile app. This should include a quick walk through how they can browse products, wish list them, redeem coupons or even create their own profile – take every little milestone in consideration.

2. Make your users feel welcomed and special

Now who doesn’t like a little extra love after they’ve done something you wanted them to?

Your users downloaded your Shopify store mobile app. Now it’s time for you to acknowledge their action and show them some love for trying it out in the first place.

This could be done by simply using in-app messaging to offer them a first time discount. Just make sure that it is something that adds more value to them and would encourage them to make their first purchase during the app session.

Pro tip: Create and automate a campaign for your first time app users, instead of trying to do it manually. This could be a discount or an offer that is only valid for their first app session.

3. Send regular push notifications

Push notifications are an excellent channel to deliver value, increase engagement, improve brand loyalty and also boost your sales drastically. And in case you thought consumers don’t want to hear from you – did you know that upto 90% of users willingly opt in for push notifications from eCommerce apps?

Some of the reasons that online shoppers opt in for push notifications include being able to keep tab of the offers and discounts being offered, be notified of ongoing sales and be able to track their orders.

But for push notifications to work, you need to be regular and have a proper campaign strategized. You need to send across contextual messages that add more value to the customer and offer them something that they really care about. It should make them want to click through the notification and check out what you’re offering almost instantly.

For example, Bailey’s Blossoms. They know that their customers eagerly wait for their new range to get launched. So they send them a notification when new products get added (something that interests them), along with a discount (something that makes them want to make a purchase).

shopify store mobile app push notification baileys blossoms


What push notifications can you send?

  • Regular offers, discounts, daily deals etc
  • New product launches
  • New collection launches
  • Abandoned cart reminders
  • Back-in-stock reminders
  • And lots more

Pro tip: 90% of people are willing to receive one push notification per week from a brand they care about. Start by offering high value to your customers and A/B test your push frequency to optimize customer engagement.

4. Set up automated cart recovery campaigns

Most online stores lose up to 71% of their sales to cart abandonment. Apart from emails and social media retargeting advertisements to remind your customers of what they have left behind, make use of push notifications for cart recovery as well.

Let’s take an example to understand the impact of abandoned carts on your Shopify store mobile app.

Assume that for every 100 potential users, 20 will add products to cart and leave the mobile apps without completing a purchase. If your average order value is $100, this equates to $2000 in opportunity loss.

There can be multiple reasons, they did not complete the purchase:

  • Got distracted and went off
  • Found the prices too high
  • Hidden costs for shipping etc that get added just before checkout
  • And lots more

But why lose these customers?

Their purchase intent was high, they took the effort to browse through your collections and products and hey, they even liked or made a consideration of purchasing the product.

Setting up automated abandoned cart push notifications is an excellent strategy for reviving these potentially lost sales. Assuming you even recover 25% of your sales – for every 20 users you lose, you recover 5 with an average order value of $100. That makes for $500 worth of revenue and $6000 in annual revenue for recovered carts.

cart recovery push notification



Pro tip: Automate and send out your cart recovery push notifications within the first 24 hours. Push out a follow up within 2 days from the first message and your last nudge within 1 week’s time. Sometimes, it takes more than once to convert a shopper!

Don’t stop at the first sale!

A lot of online store owners get their first sale and immediately think that’s the only strategy that will work for them. But you need to keep experimenting to understand how shoppers are engaging with your Shopify store mobile app.

Treat your mobile app sales channel with the same importance as your Shopify store site. It has the power to exponentially increase your conversions, customer loyalty, retention and generate more revenue.

Measure the results for every strategy you make use of, optimize your campaigns for maximum engagement and hit repeat till you find the growth hack that works for you!

But as a ground rule, the one mantra you need to follow is..

The greater the customer engagement, the higher are your sales!

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