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How To Write Shopify Store Product Descriptions To Get More Sales

shopify store product descriptions tips

You may think that all a Shopify shopper cares about are product photos. Of course, visually delightful images help in making an informed purchase decision, but that’s certainly not the reason why a consumer buys. A study by Nielsen Norman Group states customers spend 82% of their time at the online store, studying the textual information available on it. That’s where the Shopify store product descriptions come into play!

Even though Shopify store owners know how important it is to engage their customers through the power of content, they often overlook product descriptions and that’s just not right. Before I begin to share tips on writing compelling copies, let me tell you what exactly a product description is.

It is a marketing copy that explains what a product available on an online store is and why it is worth purchasing. If you are not so impressed with the current product descriptions on your Shopify store, here are six tactics that can definitely help you change that.

Writing Shopify store product descriptions that convert

1) Focus on your target audience

An ideal product description reads as if it is speaking directly to the customer. Everlane, an online clothing retailer based in California, does a great job of creating a sense of belonging on their store.

shopify store product descriptions 1


If you notice closely, the use of phrases such as “take your usual size” and “All. Damn. Day” are friendly and totally relatable! With the right choice of words, Everlane has positioned itself as a friend of its customers. Remarkable, isn’t it?

Before you start writing product descriptions for your Shopify store, identify who your actual customers are. Create buyer profiles to make the writing process easier for yourself.

2) Give a solution to reduce customer pain-points

Because that’s why they have come on your Shopify store – to buy a product that eliminates their problems, puts them at ease and improves the quality of their lives manifold! Are your product descriptions doing that? I hope so!

Dollar Shave Club, a male personal grooming E-commerce store, does a fabulous job in making even the use of most mundane products such as a Casual Hair Clay seem so convincing. I love the use of funky phrases like “sculpt your style like Michelangelo”; they are emotive and nudge the customers to buy the product instantly.

shopify store product descriptions 2

If you state the reasons why a customer should buy a specific product in a captivating manner, he will convert. What do you think?

3) Give your storytelling a boost thorugh product descriptions

Please, please avoid the use of words such as “excellent,” “top quality,” “affordable” in your product descriptions. Your copy should impress your customers, not make them think – “okay, yes I have read this line before” or “this reads so fake.” Trust me – you don’t want to sound unpersuasive or too desperate.

If you are struggling to pick the right words, skip the fancy ones and stick to simpler words. Son of a Sailor, an online jewellery shop based in Austin, is a pro at storytelling. It carefully picks the most trivial of words and weaves a story around the product.

shopify store product descriptions 3


Read the description shared above, and you would instantly want to buy that product. It even shares what inspired the designer to create such a product. Such enthralling storylines strike an emotional chord with the customers. What do you think of this?

4) Define your tone of voice

For any Shopify store, product descriptions become a crucial part of the brand communication strategy. That’s why you can’t act as one of those boring online stores that don’t create glossy content. Give your content a personality. Set a tone of voice. Instill humour.

You are the storyteller. Instead of stating that your customer care team is friendly, choose words that show that your team understands the business and is helpful and approachable.

5) Use bullet points to write Shopify store product descriptions

The attention span of today’s consumers is poor which is why large blocks of content on the website don’t convert. The length of the description should not scare the customers, instead compel them to read, analyse the information and make an informed decision.

Take electronic devices for example. Their product descriptions have a feature list. If they are broken down into bullet points, it becomes a lot easier for the customer to relate to what’s up on offer.

shopify store product descriptions 4


Please remember to keep the bullet points short and sweet unless of course, information is paramount and you can’t do away without being descriptive.

Over to you

While high-quality images make a crucial selling point in the online business, the product descriptions need to tell the consumers why they exactly need the product. If your customers are not impressed with copy, they won’t convert, and your sales will eventually either stagnate or dip.

Therefore, know your audience, know your product and make sure your content team’s copywriting skills are always on point!

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