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Plobal Apps Is Hosting An Official Shopify Meetup In Pune This Month

Plobal Apps Is Hosting An Official Shopify Meetup In Pune This Month

Plobal Apps is hosting a Shopify Meetup in Pune on June 29, 2018. We’re inviting everyone over at our office to share meet local merchants, Shopify experts and Shopify partners. The meetup is for anyone who wants to takeaway actionable insights to grow their online business this year. Here’s everything you need to know!

Who are we?

When we started off, we wanted to make it easier for businesses to take their products online and market them to consumers from across the world. Our approach was obviously to target where the customers were the most active – mobile. But the foundation of a great eCommerce mobile app, is an online store.

Shopify is the biggest eCommerce platform that helps you set up your very own store in minutes and start selling online, on Facebook or in person. The software is designed to enable you to create a store that matches your brand’s personality and business needs.

As a Shopify partner, Plobal Apps is one of the most reviewed apps in the Shopify store. We are a Shopify store mobile app creator, that enables you to take your Shopify store a step further. By creating native iOS and Android apps in minutes, Plobal Apps opens an additional revenue source for your existing Shopify store.

Simply put, Shopify and Plobal Apps are geared towards growth hacking your online business and bringing you more sales.

Shopify Meetup in Pune – June 29, 2018

We’re hosting a meetup for online merchants that want to learn how to improve their business. Our event covers networking with local merchants, Shopify experts and development partners, who will be sharing effective strategies that are sure to grow your online business.

Right from setting up a Shopify store that customers fall in love with to launching your very own mobile app and getting more sales, the event is going to be packed with actionable insights that you can take home.

Tickets: 100% FREE

Plobal Apps, Level 6, Solitaire World Building, Next To Renault Showroom, Mumbai – Bangalore Highway, Baner, Pune – 411045, Maharashtra India


Meet the speakers

We’ve roped in only the best for the event. The speakers are Shopify experts and have an authority in eCommerce growth. Here’s a little about them all!

Vargab Bakshi – International Partnerships Lead, Shopify

vargab bakshi shopify

Having worked with Singtel, Martjack and Google in the past, Vargab is an expert in eCommerce and eCommerce platform technologies. He has helped hundreds of small and medium scale businesses go online and has even guided them in the digital space. As the International Partnerships Lead at Shopify, Vargab will be sharing strategies that have helped businesses succeed online and how networking also lies at the heart of sustainable growth.


Atul Poharkar – Co-Founder and CEO, Plobal Apps

atul poharkar plobal apps shopify meetup in pune

As the Co-Founder of of Plobal Apps (yes, that’s us), Atul is an expert in mCommerce. He will be sharing insights into why mobile is a bigger opportunity for greater eCommerce revenue and how online businesses can tap into it with native mobile apps. As one of the most reviewed apps on the Shopify store, Atul will be sharing how Plobal Apps has enabled Shopify stores to get their very own apps in minutes and grow their monthly sales in no time.


Vinamra Pandiya – Founder, Qtrove | Ex Co-Founder,


Vinamra is the Founder of Qtrove, a curated marketplace that exhibits and sells non-factory produced goods which are natural and sustainable. The online store focuses of curating goods from small and medium scale businesses across the country, and giving them a platform to sell to a global market. With an expertise in product, marketing, finance and marketplaces, Vinamra will be sharing some of the hacks his team implemented at Qtrove to hit success!


Darshan Patodi – Ex Founder,

darshan patodi shopify meetup pune plobal apps

Darshan comes with a strong digital business exposure in product development, marketing, sales, operations in the eCommerce industry. With an experience of 17 years, working with, and other successful names in the industry, he will be sharing his tips on scaling an online business in the Indian market.


What is the agenda? 

Well, we know the experts have a lot to share with you. But to keep things in perspective and highly actionable, we have set an agenda too:

Pre-Networking Session [5:30 pm – 6:00 pm]

  • Meet and network with other Shopify Merchants & Partners
  • Grab snacks, beers and get ready for a great evening!

Topic- 1: Why choose Shopify in India? (6:10 pm – 6:30 pm)

  • Speaker: Vargab Bakshi
  • Shopify in India
  • Why use Shopify?
  • Shopify Gold Introduction

Topic- 2: Which marketing channels work the best for growing your online store? (6:40 pm – 7:00 pm)

  • Speaker: Vinamra Pandiya
  • Why Qtrove chose Shopify Gold?
  • Marketing channels and growth hacks used by Qtrove for initial traction?
  • What mistakes to avoid?
  • Must do marketing activities?

Topic- 3: Strategies to optimize conversion rates for your eCommerce business (7:10 pm – 7:30 pm)

  • Speaker: Darshan Patodi [Ex-Cofounder –]
  • What metrics to focus on for your e-commerce business?
  • 5 Strategies to optimize your eCommerce conversion rates?

Topic- 4: How mobile apps can help you grow your e-commerce business? (7:40 pm – 8:00 pm)

  • Speaker: Atul Poharkar [Co-founder – PlobalApps]
  • Why launch a mobile app sales channel?
  • How mobile apps help increase your customer retention rates?
  • How mobile apps help increase your average order values?
  • Success Stories from India

Additional: Q&A session post every segment.

  • So don’t forget to come with the most pressing questions!

Oh, we’ve got more.

Drinks and snacks are on the house. We totally believe in bonding over food!

Interested in joining us? Don’t forget to RSVP, as the space is limited.

To know more, click here.

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