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5 Inspiring Examples of Push Notification from the Best Brands for you to steal

As traditional channels of marketing decline in popularity, e-commerce players must take to newer modes of communication to reach customers. Push notifications are a great way to directly connect with your audience, promote products, nudge them towards abandoned carts, and continuously engage them.

According to a study by Urban Airship, users who opt in to push notifications see a nearly 2x retention rate. A key benefit of push notifications is that they can be personalized based on a customer’s needs, interests, browsing history etc. When combined with the right timing, push notifications can be a powerful tool to grow your brand. Let us take a look examples of push notifications done right, by some of the biggest e-commerce brands.


Segmenting your audience is perhaps the best way to ensure your push notifications are read, not carelessly dismissed. If you send out irrelevant details and offers to a customer, they will likely (and not without reason) view it as spam. This can adversely affect your brand image.

Ticketmaster categorizes its users on the basis of the events they may be interested in – theatre, plays, concerts, sports etc. The brand also employs geo-targeting to attract their audience’s attention when they see a familiar location pop up. To grow your e-commerce brand, segment your customers to craft relevant notifications and offers.


H&M knows just how to get to their customers’ hearts and wallets by using personalized notifications for upselling. Using past purchase data, the company sends suggestions for additional items that may pair well with previous products. For instance, if a user purchased a pair of trousers from their store, they’d get a notification on their phone urging them to grab a pair of shoes that would go just perfectly with the pants.

To increase your store’s sales, study your customers’ past purchases and use this data to upsell and cross-sell products.


Timely reminders about offers, vouchers, and discounts can take customer retention a notch up. Such notifications grab immediate attention and increase the probability of a user opening the app to browse products or at least read what the offer is about. Either way, your user is hooked.

Sephora excels at personalized and timely messages to its customers, pushing notifications to remind them of products they’ve looked at but not yet purchased. The brand also pushes messages about events and special offers at stores near the customer’s location.


When your user’s current location is sufficiently close to one of your stores, a discount notification popping up is hugely effective. Always have a personal, location or behavior-based touch in your push messages to leave an impression on your customers.


Netflix takes personalization very seriously. Sending a notification to all viewers each time a new show or movie is added is obviously a sub-optimal way to go about user engagement. This is why Netflix focuses on the user’s interests and previous watch history to determine shows and genres they may be interested in.

If a new season is added, interested viewers get a personalized notification. Because the brand holds a sea of customer data, it is easy for them to craft targeted push messages influenced by a customer’s viewing history. By pushing communication that resonates with customers, Netflix has them continuously engaged.

Delta Airlines

Pushing real-time critical information updates may not always directly boost sales but goes a long way in building a positive brand image. For example, Delta Airlines sends alerts to its customers about everything from the commencement of the check-in process to delays/changes in flight schedules.

Such information might not directly encourage customers to buy more but has a deep impact on their experience with the brand, ultimately boosting their loyalty in the long run. By relaying helpful information and advice, you can project an image of continuous assistance and support to your customers.


Push notifications are integral to customer engagement for e-commerce brands. By using them the right way, brands can improve loyalty, keep customers engaged, and boost sales. A more intimate form of communication than emails and mass (spammy) text messages, they are just right to reopen communication with past customers and prod existing ones to complete purchases.

For building an app that allows you to send personalized notifications, choose Plobal Apps for a targeted solution. It is the highest rated mobile app platform on the Shopify app store and offers the best layouts with no coding skills required. Observe how your users engage with your app and keep them engaged with highly personalized messaging.


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