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2018 Push Notification Benchmarks for Shopify Mobile Apps

2018 is nearing its end. While we say goodbye to it, we know how fabulous the year. The main reason for its success has been you – our beloved clients. We have seen some insane targets being achieved and crazy dollars being made by our customers on their mobile apps. And, we couldn’t be happier for the collective success.

Congratulations! To each one of you.

Our clients send myriads of push notifications every month. We help them set up the essential campaigns such as ‘abandoned cart’, ‘user welcome’, ‘added to wishlist but not purchased’, ‘product bought review requested’ and more. Our customers then take these campaigns to another

We sat down and analyzed our power users for 2018, which means over 5 million push notifications analyzed. While the effect of seasonality is there on the volume and the response, we normalized the campaigns over a long enough period to get rid of erratic results.

Here’s the Benchmark Data for Push Notifications

  • Total Notifications Sent: 5,205,707
  • Total Clicked: 1,67,414
  • Overall Avg CTR: 3.22%
  • Overall Highest CTR: 12.53%
  • Overall Lowest CTR: 1.35%

Campaigns with the Highest Re-engagement

These are the campaigns that brought the most number of users back to the app. We saw unprecedented CTRs in double digits. Most of these notifications weren’t even promoting a deal or discount. These were just product launch/ collection upgrade/ collection arrival push notifications. Here are the benchmark CTRs for the re-engagement campaigns:

Product Launch Notifications

  • Highest CTR: 12.53%
  • Lowest CTR: 3.64%
  • Avg CTR: 6.32%

Campaigns with Highest Dollar Conversions

When it comes to money nothing beats the abandoned cart campaigns. We saw insane conversions here as well. The range was surprisingly large – from 1.xx% to 10.xx%. The only differentiation being the messaging.

The stores getting above that average CTRs made the messaging on the notification more personal, endearing and consistent with the brand. Here is the stat snapshot:

Abandoned Cart Notifications

  • Highest CTR: 10.47%
  • Lowest CTR: 1.35%
  • Avg CTR: 2.11%

Decoding the Data

While the usual discussions about push notifications gravitate around the abandoned cart campaigns, the winner with the highest CTR are the ones with product launches or collection upgrades.

When we dive a level deeper we find the reason for such behavior. Shopify stores are mostly niche stores with high brand affinity. The customers are loyalists who are excited about any new collection dropping in or a new product getting launched.

See you next year!

We have summarized all of these insights into one concise infographic. Feel free to share and save it for your future reference.

We are also working on a few more insightful posts like this in the near future. Drop your email id and I will personally mail it to you when something new comes up here.

On that note, Merry Christmas and have an awesomely successful new year!

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