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Shopify Store Mobile App: How To Get Your First 500 Users In 10 Days

Shopify store mobile app getting app users

You have an amazing product range in place. So you decided to set up your Shopify store and take them to a global market, by leveraging various sales channels – marketplaces, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram and others. However, there is one channel that most Shopify store entrepreneurs miss out on, but is of the utmost importance considering the consumer trends – mobile. Here’s your guide on getting the first 500 users for your Shopify store mobile app in 10 days.

According to a report from Criteo, mobile apps saw the biggest share of eCommerce transactions in Q4 2017, in North America. They accounted for 44% of all the transactions made for the quarter, while mobile websites accounted for only 23% and the desktop drew in 33% of sales.

If you’re wondering which of the channels is the best to draw in more sales for your Shopify stores, these numbers are sure to tip you towards mobile apps instantly. But just having a mobile app doesn’t lead you to your first sale from it!

Getting the first 500 users for your Shopify Store Mobile App

The first and foremost goal for your Shopify store, is to reach its most active users and nudge them to download your app. Imagine an app that offers amazing discounts, but has no users to see them. No point of having one then, right?

In the first 10 days, focus all your time, energy and resources in driving app installs only. Since it is not going to be a one time activity, try to create and execute a scalable, and repeatable strategy to acquire more users. Simply put, you need to setup an engine for yourself to automatically drive app installs every single day.

Where do you start? By focusing on getting 200-500 app installs in 10 days after it goes live.

1. Convert your web users into app users

Always start from a platform that has worked for your business before. In this case, it is your Shopify store. So go after your most important and relevant audience first – your existing store visitors and customers.

The average click to app install rate from website traffic is 35-47%.
(varies based on your industry)

Most eCommerce businesses, use both organic and paid marketing strategies to drive traffic to their websites. Now that you’ve already invested so much, it’s time to leverage this traffic to get your installs. And all for FREE.

The tool you need – Installify

It helps you set up a top banner or widget on your store site to showcase app links for both the app stores. Since the tool does not show a full screen ad or a popup to promote your app, it doesn’t hamper with the browsing experience of your customers. Here’s how it looks:

Shopify store mobile app

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How does it work?

The tool smartly detects the device a user is visiting your site from and directs them to the right app store. For example, if they are using an iOS device, it only displays the iOS app link.

What’s the impact?

Assuming your traffic is 1000 visitors a day and we get a 3-5% conversion for website visits to app installs, the potential app installs you can get in one day is about 30-50 users.

No ads! No paid marketing spends! Just a simple banner and you’re 50% through your goal of getting 100 app installs.

Note: The number of installs you get is proportional to the web traffic you get. A 3-5% conversion rate is actually good!

Pro tip: Set up Installify from day 1 of your apps going live. Never remove this from your website as it will continue being the ultimate source of getting installs.

2. Leverage email marketing to reach your customers

Emails are the one channel where you can reach out to your potential and existing clients on a 1:1 level. They are also the most effective way to nudge your customers to download your app.

By creating a compelling newsletter highlighting deals of the week and promoting your app so that they can grab them on-the-go, is sure to motivate them to head over to the app store right away. The idea is to first show them the benefit of getting your app before expecting them to download it.

Here’s an example from Dresses d’Amour. They promote their app alongside the benefit of having it – smartly done. Right?

email marketing shopify store mobile app

What’s the impact like?

Assuming, you have a list of 2000+ customers and you get an approximate of 2-3% conversions, you’re literally driving 100 app installs right away! Just 30 minutes of putting together a great newsletter and you’re already growth hacking your installs.

Pro tip: Segment your list based on user actions – those who subscribed to your newsletter, made a purchase, registered on your site, follow you on social media, etc. Creating personalized newsletters is a great way to nurture them along the conversion cycle.

If you struggle with making creatives for your newsletter, use Canva. It’s easy to use and enables you to create a beautiful newsletter in just minutes!

3. Make use of online groups, forums and social media

One of the smartest strategies to get more installs, is to put your app out in places that your customers are most active on. For example, using social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and online store forums.

We’re pretty sure you’re already pushing out a lot of content across these channels. Now the trick is just to create some posts around your app, highlighting the launch of your apps and how it’s going to make it easier for your customers to shop!

A few things you should creatively answer include:

  • Why should a user download your app?
  • What benefits does downloading an app have?
  • Is there a special offer for app users?

Apart from your social media profiles, don’t forget to tap into the power of social media groups and other online communities. Sharing a link to your app or simply announcing its launch with a special discount, can drive a whole lot of installs in no time than just targeting your own followers.

What’s the impact?

Let’s assume you have a total community size of at least 10,000+ users across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other online communities. If you get even a 1-2% conversion rate, you’re driving in at least 100-200 new app installs – without spending on acquiring new users via paid tactics.

Pro tip: Create a series of social media posts to highlight the benefits your customers get on downloading your app. Discount codes work like magic!

4. Leverage content marketing

Did you know that the best way to reach out to your customers is offering them a good read?

Think about the number of times you have purchased a product because you saw a use case of it, or saw it featured in a online magazine, page or on an influencer. The same logic applies when you want more app downloads.

Leverage different content formats to grab the attention of your target customers. This includes creating blog posts on trends, lookbooks that promote your products, creating videos and even a bit of PR.

While this tactic too will mostly get you free app installs and traffic on your online store, it can take some time to start showing results. So if your app is still in process, you should begin now so that by the time you launch, you’re all set!

5. Focus on App Store Optimization

This is one of the most important tactics for getting more users for your app. If you don’t show up when they’re searching for something specific, how do you imagine them even knowing who you are?

The tactic includes looking for keywords that people tend to use while searching for your store, the app description, app screenshots and more. To get started, here are a few resources you can refer to:

Pro tip: Don’t forget to ask your initial app users for review. The more positive reviews you get, the higher you will be in search results.

6. Turn your power users into advocates

Your initial users are the first set of people who will experience what your app has to offer. While some of them might churn during the process, there are others that will fall in love with the interface and even increase the number of orders they are placing.

These are the customers you need to pay attention on. These are the users that you need to encourage further and go beyond just purchasing from your Shopify store mobile app. Asking them for referrals in lieu of a discount code is a great way to nudge them to invite more people to your app and at the same time, make more purchases.

It’s called using the power of word of mouth and 92% of consumers actually recommendations from their friends or family. So you can be rest assured, that a little discount to your power users on their next order, will lead you to getting more app installs!

While the above strategies won’t cost you a bomb and actually some might even turn out to be free, it’s important that you continually focus on growing your app.

In fact, Shopify experts suggest that you don’t just implement and execute the above strategies once. Optimizing them further and repetitively making use of them in your growth framework, can leads you to more app installs and identifying your viral channel of user acquisition.

At the same time, don’t be skeptical making use of other paid tactics like social media and search advertising. It will only further boost the visibility of your Shopify store mobile app. You should also start looking for more Shopify apps to add to your store in order to be able to experiment further with your growth strategies.

We also listed down 9 must have Shopify store apps that you absolutely need. Check them out, here.

Now all of these need some time and effort of course, before they produce high results and ROI for your eCommerce business.

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