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Shopify Unite 2018 Update: What Merchants Should Look Out For

shopify unite 2018 update

Shopify Unite is an annual event where Shopify partners and developers come together to celebrate their accomplishments, network with one another and redefine the future of commerce technology with fresh ideas.

Like every year, the Shopify Unite 2018 was power packed with announcements and launches that are going to change the way we view eCommerce today. But there are some that the merchants need to pay close attention to, to leverage maximum growth!

So while we have a lot of personal experiences to share from the event, we’re just going to share a list of the important features that are coming to the Shopify platform – especially for merchants.

1.  Multiple Language API for shops

One of the biggest announcements was that Shopify is going to be a 100% multi language platform. With more and more consumers demanding high level of personalization based on their location, the platform will now support default language translation for all shops.

2. Multi currency for Shopify payments

The new multi-currency will enable merchants to sell globally, while acting local. They will be able to sell products in the consumer’s preferred currency, making their brand more customer friendly. Powered by Shopify Payments, this feature will help merchants experiment and expand quickly in different markets.

3. Local payment methods for Shopify Payments

The local payment methods will let merchants offer international customers, their local method payments. Since they are more accustomed to their way of checking out, this new feature for Shopify payments is sure to boost conversions for stores by offering a hyperlocal customer experience.

4. Dynamic checkout

Merchants will now be able to achieve higher conversions, with a Dynamic Checkout. This is an accelerated checkout flow that will offer the ability to quickly checkout from a product page using the preferred payment method.

Dynamic_Checkout shopify unite 2018


5. Advanced Discount Coupons (BOGO & Quantity)

One of the hacks that Shopify Plus merchants use to grow faster, is increasing their average order value (AOV). The tactic includes offering incentives that convince customers to add more items to their cart without sacrificing the profit that can be made on the purchase. The advanced discount code functionality will enable you to get creative with incentives, create rewards for loyal customers and much more.

For example:

  • Buy from the new t-shirt range and get 10% off on shorts! (Buy X, Get Y discounts)
  • Buy 2 or more t-shirts and get 25% on the total! (Quantity discounts)

6. Shopify Services Marketplace

Need help with accounts or want an advice from an expert lawyer? The Shopify Services Marketplace has it all. Get access to the best of services, just like you did from platforms like Fiverr and others.

7. Shopify Ping

The Shopify Ping pulls in from the messaging apps that you already make use of to communicate with your customers. It enables you to spend lesser time switching between multiple apps and focusing on building stronger relationships with your customers.

8. App connectors for workflows

Managing various tasks to maintain, run and promote your Shopify store, can be a tedious job. The app connectors basically automate tasks. There are various apps that you can choose from, based on the task you want to automate or the workflow you need to start or end.

9. GraphQL API

With the Shopify GraphQL API, merchants will be able to build customized purchase experiences for their customers. This will reduce the sales cycle for eCommerce stores by improving the overall shopping experience on the Shopify store.

10. Locations

Shopify Plus merchants can now scale even faster with location-aware intelligence and tools. It will give them access to insights that they can use to optimize inventory and take fulfilment decisions. Making adjustments to optimize efficiency and performance, couldn’t get any easier!

Locations shopify unite 2018

11. POS Apps

The ability to accept credit cards on the go, means you can truly sell your Shopify store products anywhere that your customers. With the new Shopify update, web apps can now be made for POS too.

12. New Shopify App Store

With plenty of content changes implemented in the Shopify App Store, it will become become easier for merchants to search for extensions that will boost their store conversions. Ranking the ones that are the most positively reviewed, first, it will be easier to make the right choice in the first go.

13. Shopify Experts (Jobs and Payments)

Get access to the complete directory of Shopify Experts – designers, developers and marketers, all within your dashboard. With only the best working with you, get all set to create a successful online store. You can even post a job for a specific requirement and make payments from your dashboard now, making it easy for you to keep up with your resources.

While there were a lot of other updates and launches announced at Shopify Unite 2018, these are some of the highlights that merchants definitely should take note of.

What other highlights from the event peaked your interest?

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