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BigCommerce how to edit homepage

There are many website designers which are not the specialist in designing the websites for BigCommerce, will know only enough to design and skin a site for BigCommerce but they are unable to make the upgrade the site functionality. The most common concerns for the website owners is to manage the home page of their ecommerce website.


So here is how you can set you your home page so that you can edit the same like all other web pages that you have. Once you login to your BigCommerce Admin, please click on design and then store template. Once you are in, then copy the entire content of the default.html file after which you will create a new website page, once that is completed then paste the default.html page content that you copied earlier into the new home page that you just created and the click on save. Now you can edit the homepage the same way as you edit the rest of the pages of your website.

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