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BigCommerce how to upload images

In order to upload the images on your BigCommerce store, you can use image manager which helps you to upload the images or pictures from your desktop to the BigCommerce store. Once the images are uploaded you can use the same as product pictures, use them in categories descriptions, web page content etc. You can also use the url of the images so that you can share the same outside of your BigCommerce Store.


Image Requirements

In order to upload the images on your bigcommerce store, you have to meet few requirements. If these requirements are not met, then you might face some issues while uploading the same

The name of the image file must be alphanumeric and it should not contain any spaces or special characters

The files which are supported are JPEG/JPG, GIF and PNG

The files which are not supported are TIF and PDFs.


How to upload images

For you to upload the images on the BigCommerce store, please go to storefront content and then to image manager and then click on upload images

Once you click on upload images, a pop up will come, Click on choose file and then chose the image that you want to upload from the computer. Repeat these steps again if you want to upload more images to your store.


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