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How to backup Shopify store

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Before you backup Shopify‘s data, you will need to:

  • Understand what CSV file is: A CSV is a comma separated values file which allows data to be saved in a table structured format. Large data can be imported from Shopify store and exported to another stores. It can produced for products, customers, orders and collections

If you are making any changes in the CSV files between importing and exporting, then ensure that the files are saved with UTF-8 encoding.

  • Make sure that the subscription plan is same for both the new and original stores
  • Login in both the stores as account owner
  • Export and import products, customers or themes

You can export/ import by using following steps:

For product:

  • From the first store, export your product
  • Add collection column to the CSV file, if required
  • Then import the product to the new store

For customers and themes:

  • Export customer or theme from the first store
  • Then import it to the new store


Steps to backup Shopify store

  1. Create collections: This need to be done manually. You can create collections through CSV file.
  2. Reinstall App: You then need to reinstall all the apps that you use with the help of Shopify Apps Store
  3. Configure settings: You then need to configure your settings of taxes, domain, shipping, checkout and payments, account, etc.


Copy and Paste your pages and blogs:

  1. Click on Pages or blogs of your old store
  2. Click on the blog or page that you want to copy
  3. Copy its title and content
  4. And paste it into the new store


Rebuild Navigation

You have rebuild your navigation manually, i.e., create new navigation list, add items to new navigation, create drop down menus.


To create Shopify store backup

You will need to download an app from the Shopify App Store to create backup of the Shopify store


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