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How to become a Shopify Expert

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How to Become a Shopify Partner?

The Shopify Partner program can be joined for free and you can experiment with the Shopify platform with the help of unlimited test stores. You receive ongoing monthly income from Shopify for every client you refer, every theme you design or every app that you build. Along with that, you also have early access to new features, marketing materials and you’re also given the access to collaborate with the Shopify Partners community from around the world.


Becoming a Shopify Expert

Top partners on the Shopify Partner program are then given the opportunity to market their services directly to over 500,000 merchants on Shopify by becoming Shopify Experts. This also allows you to join an elite rank of partners who receive leads directly from the Experts marketplace on a regular basis.


The eligibility criteria for becoming a Shopify Expert are:

  • You need to have a Shopify Partner account.
  • You need to have proven Shopify experience, i.e. 5+ active client stores for your own theme or app.

Becoming a Shopify Expert comes with its own challenging aspects that require working and growing in the web design and web development industry. But the aspect that is most often overlooked is the opportunity to network and build relationships within the Shopify Community,

Whether it is creating content for Shopify, creating partnerships with other Shopify Experts, or putting yourself out there as a Shopify Expert, being a part of the Shopify community development can create mutually beneficial relationships with Shopify, and with other Shopify Experts and Partners.

Regular engagement with the Shopify Partner community helps you attract more clients by positioning your business in a much better way. The Shopify Partner program is built in a way that it seeks to serve you in the best way when you approach it with an attitude of reciprocity.


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