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How to change font in Shopify

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The following steps will guide you to manage fonts in Shopify:

  • Login to Shopify admin, click Themes tab, and then click on Customize theme.
  • Find Themes option in the left hand side of the tab that opens.
  • Click the Typology tab, and there you will get plenty of options to edit your Shopify font, like
    Base font, Page Heading font, Links color, Product name, Product description styles or Product
    price color.
  • To re-size the font, you can simply enter the amount of pixels required.
  • To change the color, click on the color area and choose the your color from the color piker box
    or enter hex code value
  • To change the font, select Custom, and then enter your own link and also the google font
  • In order to replace the customized font with the regular ones, select Regular and you can
    choose the font you want from the drop-down list.
  • Once you have done all the necessary changes, click Publish changes to apply the changes made
    to your live store or select Save setting as Preset.
    How to add your own (custom) font style?
  • Open Google web font page and choose the font you want with the help of left menu filter.
  • From the list, select the font you want and then click on Quick use button.
  • Select the appropriate font style, but make sure the more style you select, the slower the page
    will upload.
  • Move down to third option, Add this code to your website, and from there copy the below
    mention code.
  • Login to your Shopify admin, go to Themes, and then select Customize theme.
  • Edit the HTML/CSS, then click on Layout, and then click theme.liquid file.
  • Paste the copied code above </head> tag, and then click on Save, to save the changes being
  • Then move down to the fourth option, Integrate the fonts into your css, on the Google
    Webfonts page and copy the CSS code provided by Google.
  • Open the CSS file to which you wanted to make changes, edit the HTML/CSS > Assets, in most cases it is named as style.css.liquid, you can find it using Crtl +F and replace the font family code with the code copied from Google.
  • Click Save, to save the changes made.

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