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How to customize a Shopify Theme

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Customizing your Shopify theme mainly refers to changing its look and feel to match your brand or to add specific functionalities or features that relate to your business.


What is a Shopify theme?

A theme on Shopify is a collection of files that controls the appearance and features on your website. You can have upto 20 themes installed on your store but only one can be published.


Customizing your Theme :

There are 2 ways you can customize your Shopify theme.


  • Customize Theme page : This lets you customize the built-in settings that come with your theme
    a. Login in to your Shopify admin panel
    b. Click on Online Store – Themes – Customize theme
    c. It will now show you a list of Pages and sections on your website that can be customized including your Home page, Collections page, Product page, Cart page, Check out page etc
    d. On clicking on any of the Pages, the editable sections within that page will show up and you will be able to make the changes. You will also be able to view a preview of how it will look before saving the changes


  • Edit code page : This lets you customize the code files within your theme
    a. On your Shopify admin panel, click on Online Store – Themes
    b. In the left sidebar, click on the drop down – Edit code
    c. You will now be able to see a list of theme files as well as an Online Editor
    d. When you click a file, it will open the editor where you can make changes in it.
    e. To make any changes, you will require knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript and Liquid. Consider hiring a Shopify Expert to help you out with theme customizations


Pro-Tip :

Before making any changes to your theme, take a backup of it by making a duplicate copy. Shopify also has a great option to roll back to earlier versions of a theme file.

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