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How to delete categories in your BigCommerce store

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Here are the steps to delete or remove a particular category or multiple categories from your BigCommerce Store

  • Login to your BigCommerce store
  • Navigate to the products section and go to product categories
  • Checkmark the box right on the left hand side of the category or sub-category you wish you delete
  • Click the ‘delete’ or ‘trash can’ icon on the top of the menu options
  • Select delete or remove selected categories / sub-categories

Here’s what you must know:

  • Once a category or sub-category is deleted, there is no way to retrieve the products / categories unless you’ve taken a store backup for your online store.
  • If a parent category is deleted, it will automatically delete the sub-category assigned to the parent category. If you wish to retrieve the sub-category, please ensure you re-assign the sub-category to another parent category before deleting the products.



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