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How to do a test order on Shopify

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Placing a test order


You can place a test order to check if the checkout process and setting for order processing, shipping, inventory and taxes are all correct.

There will be no charge for a test order. Any order that is cancelled and refunded is not subjected to the transaction fees. You should always place a test order while setting up your store or whenever you make changes to your payment settings.

You can place a test order in two ways:

  •         Use Shopify’s Bogus Gateway
  •         Use a real payment provider and then immediately cancel and refund the order.


Place a test order using Shopify’s Bogus Gateway


To place an order using Shopify’s Bogus Gateway, you need to follow these steps:

  • On the Shopify Admin, click on Settings, and then Payments
  • If you have enabled your credit card provider, then you have to deactivate it before continuing. Click    on Edit and then Deactivate and confirm your deactivation
  • You will now see the Accept Credit Cards section. Over there, click on Add a Provider
  • Select Third Party Credit Card provider, and then open the Provider drop down menu
  • Under Other choose (for testing) Bogus Gateway
  • Click Continue and then Activate
  • On your online store, place an order as a customer would and at checkout, enter the following credit card details instead of genuine credit card details:


Name on card Enter Bogus Gateway
Credit card number Enter each of these in turn to simulate different types of transaction:

  • Enter 1 to simulate a successful transaction
  • Enter 2 to simulate a failed transaction
  • Enter 3 to simulate an Exception (this generates a message indicating that an error has occurred with the provider.)
CVV Enter any 3-digit number (for example, 111.)
Expiry Date Enter any date in the future.


  • After you’re done testing, click on Change provider on the Payments page in your Shopify admin and reset your payment provider.


Place a test order using a real payment provider

To place an order using a real payment provider, you need to follow these steps:

  • Ensure that you have set up the payment provider that you would like to test.
  • Purchase a product from your store just as a customer would, and complete the checkout using genuine credit card details.
  • If you are using a third party payment provider, then log in to your payment provider to check if the funds were processed.
  • Cancel and refund the order to refund yourself and avoid paying any transaction fees.


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