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How To Embed Shopify Buy Buttons Into Your Current Website – Plobal Apps

Embed Shopify Buy Buttons

Do you already have a website but want to embed Shopify buy buttons in the current website?

Then you came at the right place. Today I will tell you more about Shopify Buy Buttons.

Shopify buy button sales channel is the simplest way of converting your existing website into an e-commerce store. You can effectively use Shopify buy button to sell products/services on Facebook Page, Blog, WordPress, Squarespace etc. This small button has the power to convert your existing website into a money-making-machine and the integration is very simple.

For $9/month you can have the shopify buy button embedded on your site and you are all set.

For example, say you have a WordPress website and getting tonnes of traffic and now you want to monetize it and start selling few products. Simply log into Shopify, add 1 product and then generate your buy button. Now simple copy paste the embed code on your website and you are all set.

Step 1 Create your store on Shopify (for buy button you only pay $9/month)

Step 2 Click + icon besides Sales Channel

Step 3 Search for Buy Button and Add it as a sales channel

Once you have added buy button as a sales channel you can start creating new buy buttons


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