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How to limit quantity on Shopify

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Inventory is products that have gone through the production and ready for sale.

Possessing a high amount of inventory for a long time is usually not advantageous for a business because of costly storage, the possibility of obsolescence and spoilage costs. However, possessing too little inventory isn’t beneficial either, since the business runs the risk of losing out on potential sales and potential market share as well. So it is always to control or manage inventory.


Before you go through the steps to add limit to quantity Shopify, you should first see how to view your product inventory

The quantity of inventory for your product variants can be seen on the Inventory page of Shopify.

An alternative to it is, you can also see inventory for your product, but in combined form for all the product variants, on the Product page of Shopify.

Now let us run down with the steps to set limit to quantity on Shopify:

  • You can go to the Inventory page of Shoipfy to set limit your product quantity
  • Go to Shopify admin—> Products —-> Inventory
  • You will find a section titled Update Quantity; there you can make changes to the product quantity and set a limit.

Two options “add and set” are available, you can use both the options to set limit to inventory:

  • If you are using add option, then click add, put down the number or the quantity, you want to limit it to. You can also put negative numbers. It can be used to subtract from the inventory.

If you are using set option, then click set and enter the new total inventory. You will be able to find the new total inventory under Quantity



  • Click Save


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