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How to link Shopify to Facebook

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If you want to display your shopify products on the Facebook page than you can do so by adding Facebook as a sales channel on your shopify admin panel.

When you connect your Shopify with Facebook page by adding Facebook as a sales channel, Facebook creates a Shop channel on your company’s page that display your Shopify products. If you are eligible for the Facebook checkout, then your customers will be able to check out from Facebook directly. Rest of the changes which include making changes to your products, review your sales and fulfill your orders can be done from Shopify itself.


Setting up your Facebook sales channel

For you to set up the Facebook sales channel, you need to follow the following steps:

For you to sell on your Facebook page, you have to make sure that you meet the eligibility requirements which includes Facebook page for your business and you understand Facebook’s policies

You have to add Facebook as a sales channel on your Shopify Admin panel and then you have to wait for the Facebook’s approval.

If you are eligible for the Facebook checkout, then please select the option for the customers on Facebook to use. If not, then your customers can use the normal Shopify checkout while buying the products

You can publish the products and collections to Facebook. Once you have a collection which will have some products which are visible on Facebook, the shop tab will automatically come on the Facebook page.


Check Eligibility requirements

For you to sell products on the Facebook page, you will need to meet few requirements which are as follows:

The currency should be supported by Facebook when you are trying to sell your products on the Facebook

You will need to create a Facebook page for your Business.

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