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How to make money with Shopify

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an all-in-one, robust and scalable ecommerce solution that enables aspiring and ambitious  entrepreneurs like you to set up an online store and sell products, goods and services online.

It’s solution is simple, easy, flexible and extremely powerful to let you setup your products, collections, online storefront, payment gateway systems within a few clicks and in no time.

Shopify has an amazing ecosystem of shopify experts, app partners that easily allow you to scale your business in no time and add various add-ons to your shopify store.

Shopify makes it easy for ambitious entrepreneurs to grow. Here’s what they’ve helped so far:

  • Over 5,00,000 businesses and online storefronts
  • 1,000,000+ active users
  • A whopping $40B+ in value sold via shopify storefronts

It’s the perfect e-commerce platforms made for individuals and businesses to grow and scale. Start your ecommerce store today and get a 14 day free trial.


How can you make money using Shopify?


1- Start your own ecommerce store and sell products to make money on Shopify:

If you’re an aspiring and ambitious entrepreneur wanting to start an ecommerce business and sell products to the world, Shopify is definitely the most simple, easy and flexible e-commerce solution for your business.


Shopify has capabilities to handle all form of scale, whether you’re just starting up or selling over millions of dollars and looking at migrating your e-commerce software, you can always switch to Shopify. Click here to get started with a 14 day free trial


2- Become a Shopify Affiliate to make money with Shopify:

If you’re looking at earning additional money with Shopify, you can always do so by becoming a Shopify Affiliate. It’s an easy program to sign up for and once you get your affiliate link you can earn upto $2000 per new merchant / online store and business referred to Shopify.


Here’s how you can become an affiliate on the Shopify ecosystem:


Apply & Promote

You must apply to Shopify to become an affiliate and join the Shopify Affiliate program. Once your application is reviewed and approved, you’ll be given a unique Shopify Affiliate link and you can promote the use of the same across various marketing channels which include: Social Media Channels (facebook, linkedin, twitter, instagram etc), videos, educational content and sites, blogs, webinars, websites and lots more


Shopify rewards all their partners, whether you’re a Shopify Expert, App Partner or Affiliate. It gives you the opportunity to earn lots of money 🙂  

For every new Shopify merchant you refer, earn the first two months of paid subscription value (200% in bounty) — up to $598 on standard plans.

For enterprise referrals, you can earn 100% in bounty which equates to nearly $2,000 for new Shopify Plus / Shopify Gold referral.


3- Become a Shopify Expert to make money with Shopify:

If you have an IT services, digital marketing agency, other marketing agency / company or are an aspiring products based business, you can register as a Shopify Partner here

As an expert you have the opportunity to make a lot of money. There are experts across the following broad categories:

  • Online store setup
  • Online store design
  • Development
  • Marketing
  • Photography

These experts charge anywhere in the range of USD 500 to even USD 20K per project based on time, scope and complexity of each project.

It’s a gold mine to be part off, if you’re in the IT Service, Marketing / Advertising agency domains.


Pro Tip:

You can only be listed as a Shopify Expert once you have more than 5 referrals, development stores referred to Shopify. Get started.


4- Become a Shopify App Partner to make money with Shopify:

Here’s an opportunity to make a lot of money with Shopify too. Some serious dollars in here. Top App partners make in excess of over 1-2 Million USD each year with Shopify in revenues.


You can be a Shopify App partner and sell the following:

Selling an ecommerce theme to make money with Shopify:

You can Build / create an ecommerce theme for online stores using Shopify as the e-commerce software, and make a massive earning up to 70% for each theme sale you make on the Shopify Theme Store. The average revenue per partner on the Shopify Theme Store is USD 11,000 per year. That’s crazy ain’t it? What an earning opportunity!

Sell an app in our marketplace to make money with Shopify:

You can build products to sell on the Shopify App Store by using their Shopify API, SDK 3.0 integrations to build and create products that store owners can use as an add on to their existing online storefront. You can earn upto 80% for each product app that you sell on the Shopify App Store. The average app store revenue per partner is USD 2000 per month. Top Apps make in excess of USD 1 Million per year in sales 🙂



Billing must be through Shopify. They have an extensive Billing API, that you will need to integrate with. It makes life much simpler 🙂

So here are the ways to make money with Shopify! Feel free to share this article. It will only help everyone looking out to make some money in the ecommerce space 🙂


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