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How to pause Shopify Store

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If you want to pause or close your Shopify store for any reason, than you don’t have to hire or contact anyone for the same. This post will help you to understand how you can do that by yourself. When you are about to close or pause your store, you will receive a final invoice from Shopify for the all the remaining payments that are pending on your account. If there is no pending amount against your account, then you will not need any such invoices.

If you decide to pause your store, then your store will remain active but the checkout will get disabled, which basically means that your customers can see your products but will not be able to buy them. You have the option of hiding add to cart buttons and product prices by customizing your theme so that your customers don’t get confused.

You also have the option of adding a password to your online store till the time your store is paused. You again have the option of customizing your password page and can write a custom message for your customers.

To pause the store, login to your Shopify admin panel as account owner and then click on settings and then click on account

Then go to the store status section, you will find “Pause your store” and then click on “pause Store”, once clicked you will see a dialog box explaining what will happen when your store is paused. If you agree with everything, then accept and select pause the store otherwise click on cancel.


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