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How to send newsletters in Shopify

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Newsletters provide an easy way for you to keep in contact with your customers by notifying them of new products and sales. It is a versatile and inexpensive way to reach your audience and deliver a targeted message. The content must be appropriate, easy to understand, helpful and at the same time interesting.

To send newsletters:

  • You will have to use a third party email app.
  • You will require email addresses/ list of people to send newsletters to

You can find the email addresses through:

Existing Customers: Your existing customers’ email is stored by Shopify automatically.

Sign-up forms: To add newsletter sign-up, click here

Pop-ups: This is used to collect leads on different pages, like home page, blog, special product page. For Pop-ups, you can use Privy, Sumo, etc.


How to send Newsletter

You can find many apps for sending newsletters here

These apps can help you to do things faster and easier:

  • They completely sync with Shopify and import all the data of the customers and leads into it. So all the historical data is available with you for emailing.
  • You can also find design elements in these apps, like, CTAs, coupon codes, product imports, social media profiles, images and text formatting.
  • Through these apps you can directly pull product details ( like picture, name, price ) from Shopify
  • It also provides you with the information on the performance (in terms of opens, clicks and conversations) of the emails sent, so that you can improve from next email.
  • Using these apps helps you minimize manual work.


Things you should remember, if you are sending newsletter for the first time:

  • Your Logo
  • Your Branding
  • Social Profiles
  • Company contact info
  • Provide CTAs for making things easier (like, CTA- to buy, read more, go to etc.)
  • Insert links (stating the terms and conditions, return policy, how to guides, etc.)
  • Sign off


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