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How to set up a Shopify store

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Step 1 : Sign up for a Free Shopify store

  • Go to Shopify and click on Get Started
  • Enter your email address, password and a store name
  • Enter your business details such as Name, Address, Phone number etc. This will be used to calculate tax rates, store currency etc
  • Enter details about the stage of your business

Step 2 : Add Products to your Shopify store

  • Click on Products – Add a Product
  • Enter details such as Product Title, Description, Images, Price etc and complete the process
  • Save the product

Step 3 : Add a Theme to your Shopify store

  • Go to the Shopify Theme Store
  • You will find hundreds of beautiful free and paid themes here for your store
  • Choose the Theme that you like and click on the Publish Theme button. You can even check out a preview of the theme on your store before you publish it
  • Once the theme is published, click on “Customize theme” button
  • You will get options to customize all the pages on your store such as the Home Page, Product Page, Collections Page, Cart Page etc

Step 4 : Add a Domain to your Shopify store

  • Click on Domains
  • You can choose to Add existing domain or Buy a new domain
  • Complete the process to link a domain to your store

Step 5 : Set up a payment gateway on your Shopify store

  • Shopify is integrated with PayPal by default and is also integrated with other payment gateways.
  • It also has its own payment gateway Shopify Payments which has no transaction charges
  • You can check out a complete list of these here based on your country


Pro-Tip :

The easiest way to accept payments on your Shopify store is by using PayPal. Shopify handles this fully for you and no integrations are required.

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