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How to use BigCommerce

BigCommerce is becoming one of the most popular e-commerce platforms. Although it’s not very easy but it’s fairly simple to use. In order to understand how easy it is to use the Bigcommerce platform we have made this tutorial. If you are ready to sell your products than it will take less than few hours for you to get started.

Signup to BigCommerce platform

Before signing up, make sure that you logon to BigCommerce website and go through it and see all its features and also go through few of the case studies. This will give you a better understanding of what you can expect from the platform.

Once you are all ready, then please enter the name of your store in the signup form and then click on start my free trial now.

After that, you will be asked to complete the registration by filling in some of your details and your business information. Once you complete all this information you can click on create my store now. It may take couple of minutes and then you will see a big green login sign and then you are ready to go.

Once you are in BigCommerce quick start wizard will help you to customize the store. The first stage of the customization will ask to complete the important information like your store name, your address, phone number and admin email address. Once completed, please click on update store settings


Set Measurements unit and SEO details

On the same page where you updated your store information, just scroll down and then you can select whether you want to use metric or US customary units for measuring the products

You can also edit the SEO settings on the same page.

The next part is where you will select your theme and the logo for your website. This is still in the part one of the launch

Once you add your logo and have selected the theme, then please go to the products section to add the products that you want to sell. Complete the product details, as in the description, images, pricing etc.


Set up Payments, Shipping & taxes

Once you are done with setting up everything related to your products, go to the Quick Launch Wizard and select stage 3 and then set up payment methods. You can use any of the payment methods, you will find easy method set up for PayPal and Stripes.

After the payment structure configure your Shipping options also and set up your taxes as well.

Finally once everything is setup you can launch your store.

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