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How To Write Product Descriptions For Your Shopify Store – Plobal Apps

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It happened many times that you have not bought the product from an e-commerce website because the product descriptions offered on the page was not relevant or was not up to date or it didn’t answer the most basic questions about the product, whereas you have also bought some of the products in no time by reading the product descriptions as it was compelling and answered all the right questions.

If you own an e-commerce store, having a bad product description is like committing conversion suicide. Although writing a product description takes your time and effort but it’s all worth it as it gives you amazing results. Here are some of the points that can help you write a perfect product description:

  • Understand your target customers

The best way to write targeted product description if to understand what your end customers are looking for? When you start empathize with your customers your product description answers all the right questions that they might have for the product.

  • Develop Buyer Personas

Once you have all the information about your target audience, you can start developing Buyer Personas, this will allow you to have a global vision for your audience.

  • Focus on the solution and not the product

There is a very famous saying among the copywriters that if you have a hardware store and you’re selling drills, you’re not really selling drills— you’re selling “holes in wood.” Similarly, people are not interested in the product but what it can do and how beneficial it can be for them

Final Thoughts

Writing good product description might help you increase your conversion rates and sales will take some time but it’s all worth it, To do it you need to really understand your target customers and what their main motives are for buying your products. Then when you’re writing your copy, you should focus on the benefits and the experience.

Avoid using clichés and jargons. Instead, focus on power words and stories to make a better connection with your audience.

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