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How To Run Sales On Your Shopify Store – Plobal Apps

Run Sales on your shopify store

Steps to Run Sales on Your Shopify Store

Running a Sale is the best way to show your, buyers, that if they purchased the product today they are surely getting a great deal. While running a sale, it’s important that your customers see the actual price and the sale price. In order to achieve this, you need to add something called as the compare price in your product description.

Below is an example of a normal product listing with only single pricing mentioned.

When you setup compare at price, the product listing on your Shopify store is automatically updated to show that the item is on sale.

Follow the below steps and set up a compare at price (run a sale on shopify)

Step 1- From your Shopify admin, click Products.

Step 2- Click the name of a product.

Step 3- In the Pricing section, set the Compare at price to the product’s original price: Note your compare at price will always be higher than the original price.

Step 4: Now refresh the product listing and see that your product is now on sale

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