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Shopify how to find a product to sell online

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Selling online with your own ecommerce website has never been easier, faster, or more scalable.

Benefits of selling online:

  • Selling online is cost effective
  • Helps you reach audience globally
  • Helps you compete with larger business
  • You can receive payments in lesser time

The most important and difficult task for starting up a new business is finding out a product which can compete in the market. If this decision is made appropriately, the business will automatically gain its position in the market and flourish.


So, the following strategies will help you find a product to sell:

  • Keywords can help you find opportunities: Look for things that people are frequently searching for online. This can be a great source for finding a best product to sell, as you will understand the needs and demands of customers. This is a technical approach and requires strong understanding of keyword research.
  • Create a brand which is interesting and unique: This approach requires you to be innovative, creating something different and unique from others. This means that you will need to have a complete understanding of your customers for building a unique place in their minds. Building successful brands can help you choose a product which will create a unique position in customers’ minds.
  • Identity a Customer Pain Point: If a customer had a bad experience with some product, then it can help you find a new product idea to solve the issue of the customer faced by using that product. Example: If people won’t have pains why would pain killer be invented? In the same way if people are having pains you can make a product to cure their pains.
  • Find out what customers are passionate about: Come up with a product that people are passionate about, because they will be willing to spend more money on such products. Passionate customer will always be a loyal customer.
  • Create product that you are passionate about: You can also start your business with a product that you are passionate about as this will help you put more efforts to run your business.
  • Find for an Opportunity Gap: You can find for a deficiency and create a product to fulfill the same. The gap can be filled by adding some feature to existing product or by tapping an unrealized market.
  • Consider your experience: If you have some skills that you can use to open a business, then it will be a great way to enter into a business. This will also help you gain an advantage over others.
  • Become a leader: You can become a market leader by jumping to a trend early before anyone can. It helps you to build a distinct image in the minds of your customers.


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