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What are the benefits of endless aisle?

E-commerce moguls have been reshaping the way online retail works and brick and mortar stores are now taking the necessary efforts to include endless aisle in their strategy in order to keep up. 

For shoppers, their reaction to a product being out of stock is pretty simple – either they’ll go to a brand in competition or Amazon and find it or a similar product or they’ll just not purchase anything. Either way, retail brands tend to lose out on a significant amount of revenue. Here are 3 main benefits of the endless aisle:

  1. Boost Revenue & Impulse Purchases: By giving shoppers stronger order fulfillment, sales will increase and retailers don’t lose out on any revenue. They also harness the power of shoppers to impulse buy when browsing products online. 
  2. Access to Unlimited Inventory: Whether it be in the comfort of their homes – online/ mobile app or in-store kiosks; shoppers have access to unlimited inventory from all over with the help of endless aisle
  3. Stay Connected and Collect User Behavior Data: Even though a product may not be available in-store; endless aisles gives you the ability to stay connected with the shoppers online and also helps you understand their individual user behavior enabling you to make more well-informed product recommendations to upsell and cross-sell