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2nd August, 2019

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Mahmoud Rashed


"I have tried TapCart and Plobal, there is nothing compared to Plobal, the features are endless and their team have your back 24/7"

Jason Myers


"Huge +1 for Plobal. They're actually taking the time to integrate with apps. That's one of the hardest things with native mobile, App functionality doesn't carry over.

Plobal has been working on making sure all Bold apps work. I know many others too."

Antonia Botella

Senior Manager E-Commerce

"+Plobal, why? We moved away from TapCart and our mobile sales doubled, user complaints dropped and mobile retention looks very promising. Plus support is great and you will have tons of features to use."

Umar Qamar


I have been using Plobal for a year and a half now and I can't be happier. I love working with these guys. The Plobal Team will be there for you and will go extra mile to solve any issues. With the help of Plobal team, 30% of monthly revenue is coming from the app sales. PLOBAL ALL DAY ANY DAY!!"

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