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How a kids clothing store generated $2 Million+ in revenue solely from their mobile app

Since launching her app in November 2016, Founder; Erin Hooley has seen some amazing results.

Bailey’s Blossoms has generated total revenue of over $2 Million, solely through their mobile app. Erin can now communicate with her customers directly and has driven 60k+ customers to her app, which makes it a staggering Click-Through-Rate of 33% by sending personalized push notifications. So far, BB has 99k+ app downloads and the numbers keep growing!

When a brand provides everything for everyone, they spread too thin. Successful businesses hone their positioning by discovering their real audience.

For Bailey’s Blossoms, it was kids!

Erin Hooley, a doting mother of 6, started Bailey’s Blossoms – an apparel store to sell affordable kids fashion. Back in 2009, she launched her store on Shopify to sell accessories for kids.

Eventually, as the store took off, and as she saw the traction grow, she started adding birthday costumes, birthday sets, superhero capes, shoes, and other fabulous clothes and accessories to her collections. Now a decade later, Bailey’s Blossoms is a thriving online kids boutique that sells some of the best kids clothing & accessories.

As you know, having an online store has its own challenges, such as store discovery, communicating with customers, giving them a personalized shopping experience and keeping them engaged and retained.

Erin had a strong website which she used for customer acquisition and sales. She was using communications mediums such as Emails, Facebook Posts, Instagram and Twitter feed to interact with her customers; however, none of them were instant. More so, all of them required her users to login to these platforms to see her posts.

In October 2016. she started exploring the possibility of building a mobile app for her brand which would help her instantly communicate with her customers by sending them personalized push notifications right on their devices.

Here’s what Erin had to say about her entire journey to success.

Key Goals of Building a Mobile App

  • Improve Brand’s DTC (Direct-To-Consumer)
  • Build a strong community of loyal customers
  • Add Revenues and Sales

She analyzed several app development agencies and started working with one. However, things didn’t work quite right and after losing 3 months of sales opportunities with a buggy app, she realized she had to look for another solution.

“After a nightmare of a situation with another app company, who was both pricey and lacking in customer service, we turned to Plobal Apps with mediocre expectations.. boy were we WRONG!” –Erin Hooley, Founder at Bailey’s Blossoms.

The Plobal Apps Effect

In November 2016, while browsing for app development platforms on the Shopify App Store, Erin came across Plobal Apps. Intrigued by the DIY concept, she decided to try our platform.

Building The App

She scheduled a demo with our Mobile App Experts who gave her a walkthrough of the platform and in just a few simple steps, created a preview of her mobile app. Excited with the rapid development process, Erin edited the app to match BB’s branding and sent it to the App Store & PlayStore for publishing.

Just a week later, Bailey’s Blossoms’ iOS and Android mobile apps were live!

Getting App Downloads

Getting initial traction for the app can sometimes be tricky. We helped Erin get traffic to her app by introducing her to our free ‘Redirectify Tool’. She used our tool to promote her app on the website and organically boost app downloads.

Boost Customer Engagement & Retention

Erin used our analytics dashboard to get customer activity feed, in real-time. This helped her understand her customers and most importantly, gave her a medium to communicate with them instantly via push notifications. More so, with all the customer data that she kept getting, it made it possible for her to give an extremely personalized shopping experience via the app.


Since launching her app in November 2016, Erin has seen some amazing results.

Bailey’s Blossoms has generated total revenue of $2 million+ solely through their mobile app. Erin can now communicate with her customers directly and has driven 99,000+ customers to her app.

“For a fraction of the price we were able to create a beautiful app in just a few short steps and started seeing success and downloads instantly. The team is incredibly responsive and has a sound understanding of the Shopify app ecosystem. I’ve lost count on the number of times they’ve gone above and beyond to meet our business requirements and help us reach our goals.” -Erin, Owner/Founder of Bailey’s Blossoms.