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How Export Leftovers Generates Revenue With A Mobile App

Export Leftovers is an online clothing company. Their claim to fame is selling export items at factory prices. Founder, Umar Qamar is also a clothes manufacturer and exports designer clothes to over 50 countries. The leftovers from each production is then sold on the Export Leftovers website and mobile app. 10% more is produced for every export order as a safety net in case defective pieces need to be replaced. The extra pieces left over from the order are then sold at cost price.

Their mobile app has generated $900,000 + since going live in 2018

“Hands down one of the best people to work with. Great customer service, speedy response, and Chintan is always there when I need him. We have got the app for 3 months now and the results have been awesome. Well done guys! Highly recommended.” – Umar Qamar, Founder – Export Leftovers