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How Sniper Gang Apparel generated revenue worth $700K+ and drove more than 160K+ app installs

In January 2017, world-renowned rapper Kodak Black decided to move to the business side of things and started his own clothing line called ‘Sniper Gang Apparel’. The brand is the official destination for Kodak’s fans to shop apparel, merchandise and get up-to-the-minute details about Kodak’s gigs and new music launches.

Reginald Bourdeau (Reggie), owner at Complex Graphics helped Kodak and his team set up their official website, which was launched in January 2017 and was covered by several top publications such as XXL Magazine, USA Today & Bill Board.

Given Kodak’s immense popularity doubled with a strong marketing strategy, the website was a huge success among the masses, clocking in thousands of visitors daily. Kodak’s merchandise was selling in huge volumes and orders were coming in from all parts of the world!

Key Goals Of Building a Mobile App

Reggie noticed that more than 30% of their storefront visitors, were accessing the website via mobile. Although SGA had a mobile-optimized website, they realized that they had to do something more to make shopping experiences better for their mobile-first customers. He knew that Sniper Gang Apparel needed a mobile app to:

  • Enhance the mobile shopping experience
  • Increase conversions and sales via mobile
  • Add an additional sales channel

The Plobal Apps Effect

Reggie started exploring alternatives that could quickly test mobile as a platform and analyze if a mobile app would serve as a powerful growth channel for Sniper Gang.

While browsing for app development companies on the Shopify App store, he came across Plobal Apps, a DIY mobile app builder.

 On reading a little more about DIY app builders, he figured that this seemed like the solution that he was looking for. After skimming through our product portfolio and client reviews and recommendations for customer support, Reggie got in touch with us.

Our Mobile Experts gave him a  quick product walk-through and showed him a preview of how Sniper Gang Apparel’s Shopify mobile app would look like. That’s when he decided to buy-in!

In less than a week, Sniper Gang Apparel’s Android & iOS apps went live.


Given Kodak’s popularity, plus the website’s success, getting app installs for Sniper Gang was relatively easy. Besides traditional marketing channels, Reggie also used our free ‘Redirectify Tool’ to promote the app and garner app installs.

Within the first month of its launch, Sniper Gang Apparel’s mobile app got more than 5000 users (both iOS and Android) and clocked in a whopping revenue of $10,000+.

As of today, the app downloads increased to 160,000+ (as per Sept’19) driving a strong six-digit revenue of $700K+.

“Truthfully, had we not monitored our website traffic, we would’ve probably never gone after mobile. Sniper Gang’s mobile app turned out to be a whole new revenue channel for us bringing in fresh revenue month-on-month, adding to our website sales.” Reginald Bordeau, Sniper Gang Apparel