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How Bailey’s Blossoms scaled their mobile app conversion rate to 9.73%

Kid’s Fashion & Apparel

Shopify Plus

Finding a cost-effective way to directly connect with each shopper to boost engagement and retention

Designing a customized app & maintain personalized relationship with the shoppers.

A Mobile App that generated
$2.7 million+ in revenue and
100,000+ app downloads

  • 162,301 organic app installs in 6 months
  • 9.73% mobile conversion rate on app
  • 105% increase in mobile AOV
  • $232 ROI on every $1 spent

About Bailey’s Blossoms

Bailey’s Blossoms started out as a brand to sell unique hair accessories, back in 2009, in Arizona. But the lifestyle brand soon grew into clothing and accessories as well, making almost $10M dollars worth of sales a year.

You can visit the store here.


Total App Downloads

USD 2,700,000+

Total App Revenue



The challenge of turning mobile site visitors into customers

As the brand established a name for themselves in the kids’ fashion industry, they started to notice a number of shoppers visiting their store from mobile devices. But getting these visitors to interact with the brand or nudge them to make a purchase became difficult.

Bailey’s Blossoms saw a mobile site conversion rate of only 2.48%

As compared to their desktop site experience, mobile visitors found it difficult to interact with the online store. From searching for products and exploring other ranges available, to moving to the checkout and completing the purchase, mobile site visitors did not experience instant gratification. At every step, they’d have to wait for the mobile web page to load, giving them more time to rethink their purchase.

Bailey’s Blossoms began searching for ways to enhance their mobile shopping experience.

Adapting to AppCommerce to increase mobile conversions with Plobal Apps

As time progressed and expectations of the shopping experience on mobile grew, the lifestyle brand started to look into creating a mobile app for its shoppers.

Developing mobile apps for both iOS and Android users would take the brand anywhere from six months to more than a year. In addition, it would also require the brand to commit more resources towards app development and a team to maintain the app. Being on Shopify, Bailey’s Blossoms started to look for an alternative that could get them started quicker.

This is when the brand discovered Plobal Apps.

For a fraction of the price we were able to create a beautiful app in just a few short steps and started seeing success and downloads instantly. The team is incredibly responsive and has a sound understanding of the Shopify app ecosystem. I’ve lost count on the number of times they’ve gone above and beyond to meet our business requirements and help us reach our goals.

Erin E. Hooley
Founder  |   Bailey’s Blossoms

In addition to the need for making mobile shopping easier for their customers, Bailey’s Blossoms also wanted to secure their audience from social media changes. An app would ensure that the brand had access to its customers at all times and could communicate with them without fear about the changes of social media algorithms.

Being a socially driven company, we don’t own Facebook or Instagram or any other channel. So at any point, when something changes, we could potentially lose an entire customer base.
With an email list, it’s an audience you can own and no matter what happens out there in the marketplace, you can tap into it and connect with your customers. The app is essentially the same or even better – in email, where so much goes into junk, now our customers are getting it right on their phone.”

Erin E. Hooley
Founder | Bailey’s Blossoms

Average in last 6 monthsMobile WebOnline StoreMobile App
Conversion rate2.48%2.60%9.73%

1. Making mobile shopping more interactive with native apps

Result: Native iOS and Android apps in less than a week

Bailey’s Blossoms installed the Plobal app on their Shopify store. With the easy-to-use DIY editor, the brand was able to set up a native mobile app for iOS and Android users in less than a week. With further help from the Plobal Apps team, the brand was able to achieve the same look and feel in their app as they have on their desktop and mobile sites.

  • Custom mobile app branding
  • Optimized home page to highlight best sellers
  • Interactive product pages
  • Mobile-optimized cart page and checkout

Plobal Apps has been really fantastic to work with. They’ve been very attentive and patient with us, as this has been a new platform for us to understand and to work with. They have great email support and phone support as well, which has been night and day differences from the past experiences we have had.

Erin E. Hooley
Founder | Bailey’s Blossoms

2. Driving more app installs from the desktop and mobile site

Result: 1,62,301 app installs in 6 months; USD 2,000,000+ total app revenue

The next step was to be able to notify visitors from Bailey’s Blossoms that they could now shop using their mobile app while on the go. To be able to do this, the following strategies were put to work:

  • Setting up an announcement bar to link to the mobile apps
  • Adding a link to the mobile apps on the pop-up
  • Including mobile app install buttons to an exit banner
  • Link to the mobile apps in the email header and footer (newsletters)
  • Social media banners

With the above strategies, Bailey’s Blossoms was able to notify all of their new store visitors, subscribers and existing customers about their mobile apps and redirect the traffic to their app listings. This led to the brand organically getting 99,000+ app installs in 6 months.

You can check out their apps here:

3. Increasing repeat purchases with automated push notifications

Result: 3.5% increase in repeat purchases from the mobile app

According to a study by Criteo, mobile app users are twice as likely to return to your store within 30 days as compared to shoppers who simply access a site using the mobile browser. But to be able to do so, a brand needs to proactively communicate with its app users.

With automated push notifications, Bailey’s Blossoms was able to keep its app users engaged. Sending timely alerts for ongoing discounts and sales, abandoned cart reminders and product recommendations, the brand was able to drive 3.5% repeat purchases from their mobile apps in just six months.

4. Increasing average order value with greater brand loyalty

Result: 105% increase in average order value (AOV)

With the ease of mobile shopping, enhanced experience and an increased number of app sessions, Bailey’s Blossoms also saw an increase in their average order value. Their mobile shoppers got more comfortable exploring more products, leading them to buy more from the brand.

With personalized recommendations displayed during every app session, the lifestyle brand was also able to draw their users’ attention to new arrivals, exclusive products and more.

The success of Bailey’s Blossoms and Plobal Apps

Bailey’s Blossoms has generated a total revenue of over $2 Million, solely through their mobile app and is seeing an ROI of $232 for every $1 spent.

With the built-in powerful marketing features of Plobal Apps, the lifestyle brand has been able to drive over 162,301 organic app installs in the last 6 months and the numbers are only increasing by the day.

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