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How elo drives 35% of its revenue through its mobile app

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Shopify Plus

Create a sticky channel for their on-the-go customers, to drive repeat interactions and customer loyalty

A native app that has now become one of the primary sales channels for the business

35% of elo's total revenue is generated from their mobile app

  • Among the top 5 most downloaded shopping apps in Pakistan
  • 40% higher AOV as compared to web
  • 9.9% mobile app conversion rate
  • 10Mn+ app sessions

About elo

“60 million kgs of fabric is wasted every year in Pakistan alone.”

Umar Qamar, Founder of elo (Export Leftovers) who has a textile background and comes from a family of entrepreneurs, saw a problem he wanted to solve and got right to it.

In 2013, when his father’s Canadian client went bankrupt and canceled a shipment of $150,000, elo was born. Umar created a website on Shopify, took pictures of products on his phone, and built a platform to sell leftovers from exports and from canceled shipments of orders. When he started off, Umar went about distributing 10% discount coupon codes to passengers in airport buses, and spoke enthusiastically about his small business. He was passionate, hard-working, and wanted to spread the word by connecting with his target audience. Before he knew it, elo was doing Rs.100,000 in daily sales within 3 months of starting operations.

You can visit the store here.



Total App Sessions


YoY Sales Growth


Conversion Rate

The need for a native app:

Even though elo saw a lot of traffic on their website, their conversion rate was low. They needed to convert shoppers into paying customers. That’s when he turned to Plobal Apps to create a native app for elo. A mobile app strategy helped elo scale their business by reaching a higher conversion rate, bringing down marketing costs, increasing revenue, and enhancing the customer experience.

Unlike mobile websites, apps are always visible on the user’s home screen. Customers are more likely to repeat interactions with businesses that are at their fingertips, so apps are a great customer loyalty tool. Mobile apps open faster than a mobile website. In today’s digital world,
it’s a race to deliver services and products to the customer faster, and the winner of the race will win more customers.

Umar Qamar
Founder | elo

Scaling Revenues with Plobal Apps:

elo directs resources into app installs and engagement, the two factors that highly influence app success.

App Installs
elo adopts a two-pronged approach to scale their app installs: Recurring organic installs campaigns (ROIC) and paid ads.

Recurring Organic Installs Campaigns:
For elo, one of the best strategies to get downloads has been through the Instalify app. Most of the early adopters of an app are the already existing loyal customers of the brand. Through Instalify, elo notifies customers about the existence of their app. elo also converts web visitors into app installs, thus using Instalify as a recurring channel. Accounting for up to 30% app installs, Instalify has been among the most successful user acquisition channels for elo.

Paid ads:
elo found that the app is its highest converting channel with a 4X higher conversion rate compared to its website. Customers on the mobile app spend 40% more as compared to the web. Based on this data, elo decided to scale their app install campaigns and launch paid ads on social media channels like Facebook.

App Engagement
elo quickly realized that one of the most important aspects of a successful app strategy is engaging customers and keeping them up to date on offerings. Daily push notifications and event-based push notifications have been extremely effective for elo to communicate and engage with its customers.

Daily Push Notifications:
elo runs daily push notifications for new product launches and collections. elo also uses push notifications to talk about daily discounts, offers, and current deals that they are running on the app.

Event-based Push Notifications:
Push notifications welcoming new users and offering discounts to first-time customers, have helped elo drive higher cart values and build customer loyalty. Similarly, trigger-based push notifications like abandoned cart and abandoned wish lists, helps them increase app conversion rate.

We were impressed by the Shopify reviews for Plobal Apps. They offered super easy integration and great customer support. The team brings a range of benefits, from their simplicity to their strong cost competitiveness and personal support from our Customer Success Managers. Plobal Apps have really helped us in increasing our sales and customer loyalty. With nearly 35% of our annual sales coming from Plobal App, I can’t be happier!

Umar Qamar
Founder | elo

Plobal Apps x elo:

elo is on a mission to provide sustainable garments at affordable prices and aims to have zero textile waste in their factory by 2022. Plobal Apps is proud to partner with elo, a brand that makes sustainability as much of a part of its bottom line as profitability!

You can check out their apps here:

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