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Mobile App Platforms

We are on the platforms of tomorrow, today. The latest features, integrations, and platforms - get the most cutting-edge solutions before your competition.

Platforms Plobal Tapcart
Android App
iOS App
Google Instant Apps

Android Apps that can be used without installation

Essential App Features

Comprehensive features, because just ‘looks’ doesn’t cut it. A great looking app must be complemented with must-have capabilities.

Mobile App Features Plobal Tapcart
Add to Wishlist
Basic Search
Order Tracking
App Only Discounts
Native CheckOut

Advanced App Features

Take your mobile app, a level above all. Implement the features that can help you get the extra edge over others.

Advanced Features Plobal Tapcart
AI-Based Product Recommendations
Flash Sales Banners

Banners with live count-down timer


Lock features behind payment walls

Smart Search

Search products by relevance instead of simple text matching

Advanced Filters

Create filters for products and collections by price, size, color, brand, discounts, multiple tags.

Barcode Scanner
Local Delivery

Select date and time for delivery

App Marketing Tools

Drive installs, run campaigns and grow mobile revenue with organic and paid cross-platform campaigns

App Marketing Tools Plobal Tapcart
Instalify Tool

Notification bar on web store to promote mobile app installs

Facebook App Install Ads
Google App Install Ads

Push and In-App Notifications

Automated, real-time, triggered and contextual push notification campaigns that automate customer retention on your mobile app

Notification Campaigns Plobal Tapcart
Basic Push Notifications
Push Notification With Images
In-App Welcome Campaigns

In-App pop-up for first-time users

Inactive Users Campaigns

Reminder push notification for users who have not used the app for x days

Advanced App Analytics

Understand your vital mobile stats, double down on success. Advanced analytics to understand your users and analyze campaigns.

Mobile App Analytics Plobal Tapcart
Mobile App Revenues
Total User Sessions
User Segmentations

User grouping into meaningful groups with similar attributes and behavior

Conversion Funnels

Series of meaningful user actions within the app that ends up in the desired goal

Uninstall Tracking

Trend of app uninstalls over time


Daily and monthly active users and converting (purchasing) users

User Trends

Trend of active or converting users

Revenue Trends

Trend of purchased units and amounts

Powerful Integrations

Integrating with some of the best apps on Shopify and beyond.

Integrations Plobal Tapcart
Shopify BUY SDK 3
Google Analytics
Bold Options

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