How Harney & Sons scaled their app conversion rate to a whopping 20.33%

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Increase in mobile app conversion rate to 20.33%

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About Harney & Sons

Founded nearly four decades ago, Harneys & Sons was born in the basement of an inn, when John Harney developed a passion for tea. What started as a journey to master the art of blending tea, is now a brand that is renowned across the world for their distinctive blends. With a vision to make tea an everyday luxury, the brand today owns a bottling plant, warehouse, two stores and a thriving international eCommerce business.

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The challenge of turning mobile site visitors into customers

As the brand established a name for themselves globally, they started to notice that a number of shoppers visiting their store came from mobile devices. But getting these visitors to interact with the brand or nudging them to make a purchase became difficult.

The brand immediately knew that they needed to create a simpler and a more interactive way of engaging these mobile shoppers. They needed to be present where these shoppers were the most active – their mobile devices, and clearly, a mobile site was not enough any more. The next step was making their brand more sticky with a mobile app.

We noticed there was a lot of mobile traffic visiting our site (nearly 50%), but our conversion rate paled by comparison to our desktop site (12% vs 3%). We needed to find a way to capture that mobile audience in a way that they felt comfortable with. That’s when we started looking into building a mobile app for Harney & Sons and came across Plobal Apps
Emeric Harney
Emeric Harney
Emeric Harney
Harney & Sons

Adapting to AppCommerce to increase mobile conversions with Plobal Apps

Harney & Sons have had a mobile responsive store design from the start. But with increasing demand for intuitive shopping, the brand had started to consider a mobile app for their customers years ago. High development costs and timelines delayed their plans to adapt to AppCommerce.

“We’ve considered having a mobile app for our store for a number of years. Originally, we were looking at developers and fees that far exceeded what we perceived could be our revenue from such an app. We wanted to be able to provide exclusive app content, experiences and features for our customers.”

The brand began their journey into AppCommerce through a different platform on the Shopify store. But due to their lack of involvement in better management for app growth, Harney & Sons started to look for an alternative, and came across the reviews shared on Plobal Apps. Our team helped the brand migrate from their earlier platform, with proactive support and services. With Plobal Apps, Harney & Sons launched their mobile app in less than a week on both iOS and Android.

More than enabling mobile apps for the brand, the Plobal Apps team also helped them grow with a dedicated growth manager

Originally I had tried a different app platform through the Shopify store. I had issues with their management and how they handled our account. I found Plobal and have not looked back. The support and service far exceed what I was receiving prior. There have been great integrations and developments in the 2 years since I began with Plobal. My account manager helps me make optimal decisions regarding my app performance and we have only seen our app audience grow.
Emeric Harney
Emeric Harney
Emeric Harney
Harney & Sons

1. Interactive and engaging mobile shopping

Result: Native iOS and Android apps in less than a week

Harney & Sons installed Plobal Apps on their Shopify store. With the easy-to-use DIY editor and support from the team, the brand was able to set up a native mobile app for iOS and Android users in less than a week. With further help from the conversion experts at Plobal Apps, the brand was able to achieve the same look and feel in their app as their desktop and mobile sites.

  • Custom mobile app branding
  • Optimized home page to highlight best sellers
  • Interactive product pages
  • Mobile-optimized cart page and checkout

2. Increase in mobile conversions with native mobile apps

Result: Increase in conversion rate to 20.33% on the mobile app

With native mobile apps on iOS and Android, the brand was able to offer their customers an easier way to make purchases. They no longer had to manually type in the store URLs on their mobile browsers, and then wait on each page to load, to browse through the different tea blends available on the store. The responsiveness of the apps created an ease of shopping on mobile, resulting in higher conversion rates.

“We see a larger average order value and a higher conversion rate than on our desktop site. Our customers seem to really enjoy being able to browse, favorite and shop in our app’s environment.”

3. Increase in average order value on the mobile app

Result: Increase in AOV by 71% on the mobile app

The easy navigation, customization and product recommendations on the home page as well as the product pages, enables mobile shoppers to browse through products easily. This increased the product discoverability of the tea blends available on Harney & Sons, which in turn, increased the average order value of purchases being made on their mobile app.

4. Increase in app subscribers and repeat purchases

Result: Increased app installs in 6 months and repeat purchases

Harney & Sons was able to scale their mobile app installs organically in just 6 months by using conversion strategies and plug-ins developed by Plobal Apps. This included setting up an announcement bar linking to the mobile apps, adding a link to the app in pop-ups, including mobile app links in the header and footer of emails, social media banners, app-exclusive offers and more, to grow their app subscriber base continually.

The increase in app installs, also improved the brand’s customer retention and loyalty. As proven in a study by Criteo, mobile app users are twice as likely to return to your store within 30 days as compared to shoppers who simply access a site using the mobile browser. This in turn, also increased the repeat purchases made from Harney & Sons.

5. Increase in ROI on the mobile app

Result: $28 ROI on every $1 spent

With an increase in the average order value and repeat purchases made on the mobile app, Harney & Sons was able to achieve a $28 ROI on every $1 spent. This has made the mobile apps an additional and promising channel for the grow their business and make more sales, setting themselves apart from the competition.

Plobal Apps has given us the ability to create an app experience we have always wanted for our customers. And the results speak for themselves.
Emeric Harney
Emeric Harney
Emeric Harney
Harney & Sons

The success of Harney & Sons and PlobalApps

Harney & Sons has been able to increase their mobile conversions by giving their customers the choice to shop on-the-go with native mobile apps. This has helped the brand increase their customer base, keep their existing shoppers engaged for a longer period, improving brand loyalty and driving in more revenue.

With in-built powerful marketing features of Plobal Apps, the brand has been able to drive thousands of installs in the last 6 months organically. And the numbers are only increasing by the day.

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