How a Mobile App drove $15,000+ in revenues for this Indian Shopify Entrepreneur

Zahana is an online fashion & accessories store founded by Peenal Jain, a young female entrepreneur from India. Peenal started her entrepreneurial journey with Shopify and launched her store in May 2014

With a small team of 4 people, Peenal has grown her business to become one of the most popular accessories store in India, driving a steady revenue of INR 10lac+ solely from her mobile app.

When she launched Zahana, the brand only had a mobile optimized website and solely depended on it for customer acquisition and sales. Moreover, they were up against competitors with multi-platform availability and bigger marketing budgets. Read More

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After a few months of launching Zahana, Peenal noticed that more than 40% of her customers were visiting her store via mobile. She realised that Zahana was lacking an app to engage and retain their mobile-first users.

The Goal

With the aim of building a mobile app for her business, Peenal approached Plobal Apps in May 2016. Peenal wanted to build a mobile app to enhance the shopping experience for her mobile-first customers. Most importantly, she wanted to test out and see if a mobile app would help her in increasing her mobile revenues.

Key Goals

  • Optimize Mobile traffic and improve conversions
  • Enhance shopping experience for mobile-first customers
  • Build an additional revenue channel

The Process

When Peenal came onboard,  we gave her a walk-through of our product and created a preview app for her store.  With the intent of making it simpler for her users to shop via mobile, Peenal used Plobal Apps to create Zahana’s official iOS & Android mobile apps. She customized the theme and layout of the app to match Zahana’s branding and submitted the app to the respective App stores.  

In about a week, Zahana’s mobile app was live on the App Store & Play Store.

How a Mobile App drove INR 6+lac in revenues for this Indian Shopify Entrepreneur

We know that  getting people to download your app is a fundamental challenge faced by every ecommerce business. As soon as Peenal’s Android & iOS apps went live, we  started our App Success Journey to help her increase app downloads and engagement.

We introduced her to our free ‘Redirectify Tool’ – which helped her promote her mobile app and convert her web and mobile traffic into app downloads. Using our Redirectify tool,  Zahana successfully drove 300+ app downloads in less than a week!

We also shared similar other Growth Hacks with Peenal to help her promote her app and increase app downloads. With our Customer Activity Dashboard, Peenal can monitor user activities in real-time and closely understand how customers interact with her app. This has helped Peenal and her team take data driven actions and send targeted and timely push notifications to their users.

On an average, push notifications have helped Zahana drive up to 30% more traffic to the app.

The Result

In conjunction with their website, Zahana’s mobile app has quickly become one of their best sales channel, generating more highly-qualified leads and conversions.

Zahana has significantly improved their mobile shopping experience, making it more personal and hassle-free for customers to shop on the go!

“It was incredibly refreshing to work with a company that focused on our business needs and had a thorough understanding of the Mobile App Ecosystem. We keep receiving a lot of positive feedback from our customers thanking us for building an app. I truly feel a synergy with team Plobal Apps and a strong commitment to getting my business to the next level.” Peenal Jain, Zahana

How a Mompreneur scaled her online boutique with a powerful mobile app

How a kids clothing store generated $700k+ in revenues solely from their mobile app

When a brand provides everything for everyone, they spread too thin. Successful businesses hone their positioning by discovering their real audience. For Bailey’s Blossoms, it was kids!


Erin Hooley, a doting mother of 6, started Bailey’s Blossoms –  an apparel store to sell affordable kids fashion. Back in 2009, she launched her store on Shopify to sell accessories for kids.


Eventually, as the store took off, and as she saw the traction grow, she started adding birthday costumes, birthday sets, superhero capes, shoes and other fabulous clothes and accessories to her collections. Now eight years later, Bailey’s Blossoms is a thriving online kids boutique that sells some of the best kids clothing & accessories.

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As you know, having an online store has its own challenges, such as store discovery, communicating with customers, giving them a personalised shopping experience and keeping them engaged and retained.


Erin had a strong website which she used for customer acquisition and sales. She was using communications mediums such as Emails, Facebook Posts, Instagram and Twitter feeds to interact with her customers; however none of them were instant. More so, all of them required her users to login to these platforms to see her posts.


In October 2016. she started exploring the possibility of building a mobile app for her brand which would help her instantly communicate with her customers by sending them personalized push notifications right on their devices.




Key Goals of Building a mobile app

  • Improve Brand’s DTC (Direct -To-Consumer)
  • Build a strong community of loyal customers
  • Add Revenues and Sales


She analysed several app development agencies and started working with one. However, things didn’t work quite right and after losing 3 months of sales opportunities with a buggy app, she realized she had to look for another solution.


After a nightmare of a situation with another app company, who was both pricey and lacking in customer service, we turned to Plobal Apps with mediocre expectations.. boy were we WRONG! Erin Hooley, Founder at Bailey’s Blossoms.

How a Mompreneur scaled her online boutique with a powerful mobile app


The Plobal Apps Effect

In November 2016, while browsing for app development platforms on the Shopify App Store, Erin came across Plobal Apps. Intrigued with the DIY concept, she decided to try our platform.


Building The App

She scheduled a demo with our Mobile App Experts who gave her a walk through of the platform and in just a few simple steps, created a preview of her mobile app. Excited with the rapid development process, Erin edited the app to match BB’s branding and sent it to the App Store & PlayStore for publishing.


Just a week later, Bailey’s Blossoms’ iOS and Android mobile apps were live!


Getting App Downloads

Getting initial traction for the app can sometimes be tricky. We helped Erin get traffic to her app by introducing her to our free ‘Redirectify Tool’. She used our tool to promote her app on the website and organically boost app downloads.

Boost Customer Engagement & Retention

Erin used our analytics dashboard to get customer activity feed, in real-time. This helped her understand her customers and most importantly, gave her a medium to communicate with her them instantly via push notifications. More so, with all the customer data that she kept getting, made it possible for her to give an extremely personalised shopping experience via the app.



Since launching her app in November 2016, Erin has seen some amazing results.


Bailey’s Blossoms has generated a total revenue of $234k+ in a span of 8 months, solely through their mobile app. Erin can now communicate with her customers directly and has driven 43k+ customers to her app, which makes it a staggering Click-Through-Rate of 72% by sending personalized push notifications. So far, BB has 35k+ app downloads and the numbers are simply growing!


“For a fraction of the price we were able to create a beautiful app in just a few short steps and started seeing success and downloads instantly. The team is incredibly responsive and has a sound understanding of the Shopify app ecosystem. I’ve lost count on the number of times they’ve gone above and beyond to meet our business requirements and help us reach our goals.” Erin, owner/founder of Bailey’s Blossoms.

How a Mompreneur scaled her online boutique with a powerful mobile app


How Sniper Gang Apparel Generated Revenues Worth $50k and drove more than 30k app installs in Less Than 4 Months

In January 2017, world-renowned rapper Kodak Black decided to move to the business side of things and started his own clothing line called ‘SniperGang Apparel’. The brand is the official destination for Kodak’s fans to shop apparels, merchandise and get up-to-the-minute details about Kodak’s gigs and new music launches.


Reginald Bourdeau (Reggie), owner at Complex Graphics helped Kodak and his team set up their official website, which was launched in January 2017 and was covered by several top publications such as XXL Magazine, USA Today & Bill Board.


Given Kodak’s immense popularity doubled with a strong marketing strategy, the website was a huge success among the masses, clocking in thousands of visitors daily. Kodak’s merchandise was selling in huge volumes and orders were coming in from all parts of the world! Read More



Reggie noticed that more than 30% of their storefront  visitors, were accessing the website via mobile.  Although SGA had a mobile-optimized website, they realized that they had to do something more to make shopping experiences better for their mobile-first customers. He knew that Snipergang apparel needed a mobile app.

Key Goals of Building The App

  • Enhance mobile shopping experience
  • Increase conversions and sales via mobile
  • Add an additional sales channel


Snipergang Apparel meets Plobal Apps


Reggie started exploring alternatives that could quickly test mobile as a platform and analyse if a mobile app would serve as a powerful growth channel for Sniper Gang.


While browsing for app development companies on the Shopify App store, he came across Plobal Apps, a DIY mobile app builder.


On reading a little more about DIY app builders, he figured that this seemed like the solution that he was looking for. After skimming through our product portfolio and client reviews and recommendations for customer support, Reggie got in touch with us.


Our Mobile Experts gave him a  quick product walk-through and showed him a preview of how SniperGang Apparel’s shopify mobile app would look like. That’s when he decided to buy in!

In less than a week, Sniper Gang Apparel’s Android & iOS apps went live.



Given Kodak’s popularity, plus the website’s success, getting app installs for Sniper Gang was relatively easy. Besides traditional marketing channels, Reggie also used our free ‘Redirectify Tool’ to promote the app and garner app installs.


Within the first month of their launch, SniperGang Apparel’s mobile app got more than 5000 users (both iOS and Android) and clocked in a whopping revenue of $10,000+.


In a time span of 3 months, app downloads increased from 5000 to 28,000+ (as per May’17) driving a strong five digit revenue of $50k+.


“Truthfully, had we not monitored our website traffic, we would’ve probably never gone after mobile. Sniper Gang’s mobile app turned out to be a whole new revenue channel for us bringing in fresh revenue month-on-month, adding to our website sales.” – Reginald Bordeau, SniperGang Apparel

How a Mompreneur scaled her online boutique with a powerful mobile app


How a Mompreneur scaled her online boutique with a powerful mobile app

Founded in 2013, Vika Boutique is an online store that designs, manufactures and sells ethnic Indian wear and lifestyle products. It was started by Vidhya Pathy, a woman entrepreneur from Bangalore and her store is popular among women all over the world.


However, Vidhya didn’t always intend to be an entrepreneur. A computer science graduate, Vidhya studied Fashion Designing from NIFT-TEA in Tamil nadu and started her career by working with Pantaloons Fashion & Retail Limited. She worked there for 5 years until she was pregnant with her son, Karthik.


After Karthik was born, she realised that she could not continue working and decided to start her own business. In 2012, she launched Vika Boutique and started selling directly via Facebook and Whatsapp.

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In the next 4 years, her businesses started picking up and she expanded her sales channel by adding Instagram and continued selling via Social Media, building a close-knit community of customers. Her customers had almost become family, as she successfully built a solid audience network of 100,000 customers.


In 2016, while she was successfully operating her business, she felt the need to have her own steady platform that her customers could go-to to buy all things VIKA.


And, she decided to build her own website. Fueled with the idea of building a steady online identity, she skimmed through various website building platforms before choosing on Shopify.


“The sheer simplicity and ease that Shopify brings is what made me choose Shopify. Using Shopify was extremely easy with super simple integrations and that helped me build my own website without the need of hiring a team/outsourcing web development to an agency.” – Vidhya Pathy, Owner, Vika Boutique


The Goal


Vidhya single-handedly took care of the website and her Social media channels via which she engaged with her customers. Six months of launching her website, Vidhya realised that she wanted to scale more. She had a roaring audience network of 100,000 customers and Vidhya wanted to engage with them in a more personalised way. Until now, she was using Facebook and Instagram posts along with her website to communicate with her audience.


She knew she needed something more that could help her build a more personal connect with her customers and improve her communication with them.


While browsing through apps on Shopify that help businesses grow, she came across Plobal Apps. One of our features that struck a chord with her business requirements were ‘Push Notifications’.  Vidhya realised that a mobile app would be a great additional sales channel for Vika Boutique and she got in touch with our Mobile App Experts.


Key Goals of building an app

  • Enhance interactivity and deliver personalised communication
  • Improve rapport with the audience network
  • Scale faster



How a Mompreneur scaled her online boutique with a powerful mobile app


The Plobal Apps Effect


Vidhya went through a thorough onboarding session, wherein our Mobile App experts made an account of her business requirements and helped her create her mobile app, all of this in less than a day!


After her mobile app was created, our Customer Happiness Officer, Khadija took over and helped Vidhya set up and edit her app and successfully launched Vika Boutique’s iOS and Android apps on the app stores.


“I was super anxious and had so many questions whirling in my head. However, Khadija was incredible! She was very supportive and answered all of my questions, both big and small; and effortlessly helped me setup my app.” Vidhya Pathy, Owner at Vika Boutique.


“Initially I was skeptical to pay so much for a mobile app, since we were just experimenting with the channel and weren’t quite sure if we’d achieve good ROI. But thankfully, all my inhibitions were put to rest within the first month!” Vidhya, Owner at VIKA Boutique


In about a month, she started seeing a lot of traction via the app. Since she already had an audience base of 100,000 followers, our free Redirectify tool was a huge bonus that successfully helped her promote her app and send qualified leads to the app which increased her app installs and improved customer engagement.


Within the first month, she clocked in a whopping 1k+ app downloads.


The Results


While she was building a steady app user base, Vidhya started using Push Notifications to communicate with her customers, to engage with them further. Within the first week, she saw a 3x spike in traffic that increased her sales by 46%.


“I typically send 2-3 push notifications every week to my customers wherein I tell them about my new arrivals and updated collections. Push notifications have really helped me


With Push Notifications she has been able to identify She was quickly able to identify her loyal customers and reward them further with interesting incentives and loyalty points.


She typically send 2-3 push notifications per week and here’s what she has to say. Push notifications have helped a lot. I send two – three push notifications every week. I communicate about my new arrivals via push notifications. They’ve been a great communication channel for me to interact with my customers and have helped me strengthen my rapport with my customers.


Having a mobile app also helped Vika Boutique gain a competitive advantage over its competitors.

“Most of my competitors have a mobile app and this building a mobile app has helped my customers get direct access to my store right from their phone without the need to searching for my store on the web.” – Vidhya Pathy

How a Mompreneur scaled her online boutique with a powerful mobile app


How an entrepreneur from Egypt achieved 223% ROI from his mobile app

How an entrepreneur from Egypt achieved 223% ROI from his mobile app

Viki Stores is the brainchild of Rafik Gouda, a serial entrepreneur from Egypt.

Back in 2013, Rafik launched Viki Stores, a popular online storefront which is a one-stop-shop for beauty products, healthcare, home appliances, kitchen supplies, security products and lots more!


Long before he stepped into the retail space, Rafik was one of the most sought after medical suppliers, operating under the registered brand name ‘VIKI’ in Egypt’s healthcare industry, While he was successfully running his business, eCommerce was bustling and Rafik had a gut feeling that this would be the next big thing in the years to come.

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Armed with the first-movers advantage, Rafik built his own eCommerce storefront called ‘Viki Stores’ using WooCommerce. Initially, he only sold medical supplies online, but as his store started picking up and as consumers started demanding for more, he began to add different products and categories to adhere to his customers needs.


Gradually, Viki Stores became the ultimate destination for customers to buy all their essentials ranging from healthcare to beauty, home appliances, kitchen supplies, and much more. However, his experience of using WooCommerce wasn’t as smooth as he expected, and within a few months of server errors and other technical glitches, Rafik moved to Shopify.


“Moving to Shopify was the best thing ever! It was super simple to use and I could single-handedly take care of all my website needs. When I pivoted my business to eCommerce, I learnt basic coding which made it easier for me to change themes and make edits to my Shopify website. With Shopify, my business grew by 18% within the first few months!” Rafik Gouda, Owner at Viki Stores.


The Goal

In 2017, Rafik noticed that all his competitors already had a mobile app and were driving customer loyalty and retention seamlessly via apps. He realised that Viki Stores needed a mobile app to increase repeat customers and scale faster by building strong customer loyalty and retention.


“When a customer downloads your app, that clearly indicates that your products cater to his needs and he’s going to be a repeat customer. Apps in a big way contribute to building customer loyalty and that was my sole motive of building an app for Viki Stores”. Rafik Gouda, Owner at Viki Stores.


Rafik started exploring the Shopify App store for app development platforms and came across Plobal Apps. Intrigued with the idea of building an app in as less as 30 minutes, Rafik got in touch with us.


A few things that I took into consideration before approaching Plobal Apps were:


  • The cost of building the app
  • The UI & UX of the app
  • App size for Android and iOS
  • Customer service


Luckily for me, all my business requirements and expectations were met with Plobal Apps”. – Rafik Gouda, Owner at Viki Stores.

How a Mompreneur scaled her online boutique with a powerful mobile app


The Plobal Apps Effect

Our Mobile App Expert, Yuvraj, gave Rafik a quick product demo and showed him how his mobile app would look like. Rafik was delighted to see the final outcome and with a few edits, decided to publish the app on the app stores.


Within a week, Viki Stores’ iOS and Android apps went live!


Earlier Rafik would focus on Facebook and Instagram ads for customer acquisition. However, with an app, he no longer had to spend huge marketing budgets to acquire customers or retarget potential customers. Using our free Redirectify Tool, Rafik successfully promoted his app on the website, thus, increasing his app installs by 3x within the first month!


Once he established a steady rate of 30% new app downloads on a month-on-month basis, he started using Push Notifications to create app stickiness and keep his customers coming back to the app for more. Rafik typically sends our 3-4 push notifications in a week, which mainly focus on new arrivals, exciting discounts and deals or exclusive coupon codes for his customers.


The Results

The mobile app helped Viki Stores acquire a higher market share and increase customer loyalty and engagement by 42%. With the app, they could significantly cut down on their marketing costs and understand their customers better with in-depth app analytics, which in turn enabled them to take data driven actions and provide a more personalised shopping experience to their customers.

How a Mompreneur scaled her online boutique with a powerful mobile app