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How to add Facebook Pixel to Shopify

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What is Facebook Pixel?

Facebook Pixel is a tool using which you can measure the effectiveness of your ads. It allows you to create different audiences based on the actions the visitors of your store are taking.


To add Facebook Pixel to your Shopify store :

  • Login to your Facebook Ads Manager Account
  • Go to Facebook Pixel
  • Click Create a Pixel (If you already have a pixel created, you will not see this option)
  • Name your Pixel
    (Note : Only one Pixel is allowed per Ad Account, hence keep in mind your business while naming the Pixel)
  • Accept the terms
  • You should then see your Pixel code
  • Copy your Pixel ID from the code

How to add Facebook Pixel to Shopify

  • The Pixel ID is in the second last line of the code in the string that says id=
    (In this case, the Pixel ID is 1194893417190025
  • Login to your Shopify Admin panel
  • Go to Online Store – Preferences
  • In the Facebook Pixel section, paste your Pixel ID and save the changes.

That’s how easy it is to add your Facebook Pixel to your Shopify store 🙂

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