shopify cart abandonment rate

Why Cart Abandonment Rates Are High And How To Recover Your Lost Sales [Infographic]

According to various studies conducted online, eCommerce stores experience upto 77% of cart abandonment rates. On an average, Baymard Institute reports that shopping cart abandonment rates remain at least a 69.89% across the world – irrespective of what an online store sells. If you take numbers into account, that’s a whole lot of people reaching […]

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facebook ads for Shopify store

How To Leverage Facebook Ads To Increase Your Shopify Store Sales

Boosting eCommerce sales requires effective marketing. That means using channels that give you the opportunity to cast a wide net, while also targeting potential customers who would be genuinely interested in your business. Facebook is an extremely useful tool in this respect. With approximately 2.19 billion active monthly users, the social media platform allows marketers […]

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