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13 Ready-to-Use Push Notification Templates for Ecommerce

Push Notifications work.

A push notification is one of the smartest marketing tools for your e-commerce business but you need to plan your messages and cadence before sending. If your customers feel like they’re being spammed, they won’t think twice before disabling notifications. Or worse, uninstalling your mobile app.

A survey shows that 43% of smartphone users will disable push for an app if they receive 2 to 5 notifications in a week. This makes it crucial to ensure that your notifications are crisp, concise, relevant and personalized.

Every time you push a notification, ask yourself if the user will find the information useful if the length of the message is optimal and whether it is the right time to send the notification. Hit send only if all three conditions are met. Additionally, making use of personalized text is also a good idea. This makes your users feel valued. Little things like using their names or being location-specific can go a long way in enhancing customer engagement.

While it may seem challenging to craft the perfect push notification, it actually isn’t. Thanks to some easy-to-use templates, customer interaction can be automated. Categorized on the basis of their intent, we bring to you ten ready-to-use push notification templates that can help you communicate constructively with your customers.

Promo Push Notifications 

1. Here’s something for you. Shop now and get a surprise gift.

Building suspense triggers an instant reaction from the user. It compels them to click on the notification and visit your app to learn more about the offer, at the very least. If your ‘surprise gift’ is good enough, the user might even browse some products, add them to the cart and end up making a purchase.

2. Eva just bought a dress for 10% less. See how you can too!

Most people are easily influenced by the choice of their peers. Mentioning the name of someone known to your user builds a trustworthy image of your brand. The idea that the user’s friend has already made a purchase with your brand increases your credibility and encourages the user to make a purchase with no second thoughts about the quality of your products.

3. Combination offer! Buy 3 and pay 25% less.

If your user has added a product to the cart but not completed the purchase, find out whether there is something that can be paired with that product, and offer the two (or more) things together at a discounted price. This will give a personalized experience to the user and at the same time, you will end up selling more than just one item. The only thing to remember is that for such notifications, segmenting your users is a prerequisite.  

4. The shoes you liked are out of stock! But we’ll bring them back for you soon.

When certain products that the user has wish-listed, go out of stock, it can be annoying, especially to a loyal user. But the idea is to first astonish and then reassure immediately. Such notifications make the users more cautious and assure them that the product will return soon, probably with better offers. As a result, they eagerly wait for the product to return and purchase it before it goes out of stock again.

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Convey Essential Information

5. Your shipment is delayed! Expect delivery by Friday.

Push notifications can also be used to convey informational content, such as details about an order placed by the user. Providing updates at every step keep the user in the loop and reduce insecurity or anxiousness for first-time users of your e-commerce platform.

6. Your order from Hungerland is on its way!

Conveying real-time updates via push notifications makes it easy for the user to keep a tab on important information. Users do not have to open the app every time they wish to know the status related to a product or service. This improves their experience with your app by increasing accessibility for them.

7. Sorry, your flight has been canceled due to bad weather! Reschedule or apply for a refund.

When you want to convey urgent information that requires a response from your customer in order to move along in the process, push notifications are your answer. They are more effective than emails and catch attention instantly.

Pamper your Customers

8. It’s been a long time and we miss you!

Make your users feel pampered and valued by using such text. This ensures that they return to you every single time they want to make a purchase. Giving additional discounts to loyal customers if they haven’t made a transaction in a while is also a good idea.

9. 15% off just for you! Offer expires at midnight.

Using such a notification makes the user feel like it would be a great loss if the purchase is not made before a specific time and creates panic. It serves as a reminder that the prices would be hiked once the sale is over and instills greed in the user.

10. Woohoo! You’ve unlocked the Gold Membership. Shop now for more rewards.

Every time the user upgrades to a new category of your reward program, make it look like a really big deal. This will provoke the customer to take a look at the newly unlocked benefits and might even lead to a purchase. Tweaking your notifications just a little, to make your user feel like they’ve achieved something huge, can go a long way in ensuring customer loyalty. Offering freebies, vouchers and discounts can also take this up a notch.

11. Christmas is here and we have gifts for you!

Festivals are the perfect occasion for your customers to make purchases from your mobile store. Special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries are no different. Make use of push notifications to alert the users about festive offers and special discounts on birthdays and anniversaries.

Review Push Notification

12. Tell us how we can serve you better! Be honest, we have thick skin.

Timely feedback is essential and push notifications are the easiest way to ask for it. Every time the user makes a purchase, you ought to know how the experience was. This helps you to not only find your shortcomings but also predict whether a user is likely to stick with your brand in the future.

13. Enjoyed your food? Rate your order now and let us know how it was.

A rating for your services is more important for you to get than your customer to give. By sending a push notification, it becomes a mere two-click process for the customer to rate you. Consequently, you get an instant response.

Ready to send a push notification? 

The perfect push notifications can enhance user experience with your app, and help you drive more revenue. Plobal Apps lets you develop the most user-friendly apps for e-commerce which are powered by AI. As a result, you get valuable insights about your users which help you customize and create the best and most effective push notifications for your users.

Ready to experience the power of push notifications for yourself?

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