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The Best Shopify Plus Apps for your Shopify Store

Shopify Plus was designed to offer additional features and support for large eCommerce businesses. With over 13,000 Shopify Plus stores, there is a growing need for app technologies that seamlessly solve a unique variety of commerce challenges.

The Shopify Plus Certified App Program is for best-in-class technology solutions chosen for their quality and alignment with Plus merchant needs. Each app is formally reviewed by the Shopify App Review and Quality Assurance Team, to ensure it meets advanced requirements in the areas of proven usefulness, infrastructure + performance, merchant support, security, and privacy.

Apps that meet the application requirements are then added to the Shopify Plus Certified App Partner Directory offering a convenient platform for Shopify Plus merchants to easily explore and evaluate app partners who have undergone thorough vetting to address various unique commerce challenges. This streamlined process facilitates efficient decision-making for merchants while providing app partners with an invaluable distribution channel.

The Shopify Plus Partner Directory is made up of both service partners and app partners. Plobal Apps is one of just two mobile app builders to be selected as a Shopify Plus Partner and we’ve put together a selection of our ten favorite apps that you should definitely try out to improve your e-commerce business.

  • Plobal Apps: A mobile app builder for your Shopify store.
  • Klaviyo: For its expertise in email and automated communications.
  • Loyalty Lion: A data-driven loyalty and engagement platform.
  • Loop Returns: A return management app.
  • For brand loyalty and reward program solutions.
  • Gorgias: For an exceptional customer service experience.
  • Nosto: To improve product discovery with powerful and personalized e-commerce site search and personalization.
  • Recharge Subscriptions: To build and scale your subscription revenue.
  • Attentive: To rapidly grow your subscriber lists.
  • Yotpo: As a retention marketing tool.

Plobal Apps

Plobal Apps converts your Shopify store into a mobile app, helping you increase conversions, better retain your customers, and cut through the noise with unlimited, personalized push notifications. Get access to an advanced mobile analytics sales tool, extensive integrations, and a customer support team that will help you every step of the way. Watch your sales skyrocket and your ad spend disappear.

Rating on Shopify App Store: 4.7 (396 reviews)

Key features

  • Custom, no-code mobile app. Match the look and feel of your Shopify store.
  • Advanced integrations. Connect your existing Shopify integrations and plugins.
  • Unlimited push notifications. Convert abandoned carts, offer discounts, and more.
  • Growth through analytics. Track in-app data and learn more about your audience.
  • Get 24/7 support. Shopify mobile app experts to build and manage your app easily.


  • A free 30-day trial.
  • A Growth plan that costs $199/month and includes up to 4 standard integrations, unlimited push notifications, multi-currency, and multi-language support.
  • An Essential plan that costs $499/month and includes up to 7 standard integrations, user segmented notifications, advanced analytics, and lots more.
  • An Enterprise plan that costs $1,199/month + 1% success fee of the in-app sales and includes unlimited advanced integrations, multiple Shopify store setups, a dedicated success manager, and lots more.


Klaviyo serves as a marketing automation platform that facilitates effortless email and SMS list segmentation, allowing personalized targeting. It empowers users to set up automated email campaigns triggered by a diverse range of custom events and conditions. As a customer data platform, it also allows you to manage, enrich, and use all your customer data on a single platform—without hiring data engineers or spending months on integrations.

Rating on Shopify App Store: 3.8 (1,705 reviews)

Key features

  • Automatically send out emails and SMS messages based on triggers such as cart abandonment triggers, price drop triggers, and back-in-stock triggers.
  • A centralized analytics dashboard that provides well-organized data regarding all of your SMS and email campaigns.
  • An extensive library of pre-built templates and workflows that you can use to speed up your campaign creation process.


  • Pricing for Klaviyo depends on how many emails/SMS messages you intend to send each month, but you can check out this link for a Klaviyo pricing calculator.

Loyalty Lion

Loyalty Lion empowers Shopify store owners to boost customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases through tailor-made loyalty programs. This solution streamlines the administration of customer loyalty initiatives and provides an array of promotional marketing instruments to effectively reach both new and existing customers.

Rating on Shopify App Store: 4.5 (505 reviews)

Key features

  • Notifications that alert customers that they have reward points available for incentives
  • Loyalty features that you can embed on product and post-purchase pages
  • Referral tracking
  • Point statements for customers 
  • Rewards management
  • Loyalty tiers


  • A Free plan that includes 800 monthly orders and access to basic loyalty features.
  • A Small Business plan that costs $159/month and includes 800 monthly orders, unlimited members, and core loyalty features.
  • A Classic plan costs $399/month and includes 2,000 monthly orders.
  • An Advanced plan that costs $729/month and includes 4,000 monthly orders (with the option to add more).
  • A Plus plan for enterprise merchants.

Loop Returns

Loop Returns offers Shopify store owners the ability to empower customers to manage their returns and exchanges independently, thereby relieving the burden on the store’s team. By incentivizing exchanges for returned items instead of refunds, this platform provides an effective strategy to minimize the significant impact that product returns can have on a store’s financial performance.

Rating on Shopify App Store: 4.7 (109 reviews)

Key features

  • Customizable product return portals allow customers to manage returns themselves and reduce your support team’s workload. 
  • Meaningful metrics provide insight into your returns and refunds and identify supply chain, positioning, and other issues. 
  • Enables customers to automatically apply the value of their return to any order using the “Shop Now” feature.
  • Allows you to apply variable bonus credits to customers who choose to exchange their returned product.


  • A Usage-based plan that costs $29/month with the same functionality as the flat-fee Starter Plan.
  • A Starter plan that costs $59/month and supports up to 1,000 returns/year. 
  • An Essential plan that costs $165/month and includes automatic return approval, cross-border shipping, and more. 
  • An Advanced plan that costs $375/month and has unlimited destinations, unlimited return policies, and more.

Smile is a specialized application aimed at enhancing customer retention and maximizing lifetime customer value. By providing seamless tools to establish and oversee loyalty and referral programs for your Shopify store, it facilitates the process of boosting customer engagement and loyalty.

Rating on Shopify App Store: 4.8 (5,171 reviews)

Key features

  • Allows you to create points programs that reward customers for desirable actions such as repeat purchases and referrals.
  • On-site nudges remind customers when they have points available to spend.
  • Allows you to search for customers by name in order to adjust their points manually.


  • A Free plan that costs $0/month and includes basic features such as options for creating points and referral programs.
  • A Starter plan that costs $49/month and includes additional features such as advanced branding, customizable rewards emails, and 2 integrations.
  • A Growth plan that costs $199/month and includes unlimited integrations, free product rewards, unlimited integrations, and VIP program benefits.
  • A Plus plan that costs $999/month and includes additional features such as API access, priority support, and powerful reporting tools.


Gorgias is a comprehensive customer support platform that integrates a help desk and live chat support, offering a centralized help center to facilitate outstanding, revenue-generating customer experiences. E-commerce brands can centralize conversations from various channels and enjoy a wealth of empowering features. For those seeking to enhance their website’s customer experience while lightening the load on their support team, Gorgias for Shopify is a highly recommended application to explore.

Rating on Shopify App Store: 4.4 (609 reviews)

Key features

  • Streamlines and automates the process of creating, organizing, and assigning customer support tickets.
  • Live chat support via a fast-loading chat widget.
  • Provides a user-friendly dashboard for customer support agents to work from.
  • Detailed analytics and reporting of customer service data.


  • A Starter Plan that costs $10/month and includes 50 tickets/month plus 3 customer support agents.
  • A Basic plan that costs $60/month and includes 300 tickets/month plus unlimited customer support agents.
  • A Pro plan that costs $360/month and includes 2,000 tickets/month plus revenue statistics, live chat, and customer service.
  • An Advanced plan that costs $900/month and includes 5,000 tickets/month plus a dedicated Success Manager.
  • Custom pricing is available upon request for companies with larger tickets per month needs and/or the need for custom services. 


Nosto allows you to leverage the power of personalization. From complete category merchandising to automated product bundles, the opportunities to create valuable experiences are endless. You can deploy hyper-relevant e-commerce site search onto your online store to increase product discovery, customer engagement, and online revenue.

Rating on Shopify App Store: 4.6 (74 reviews)

Key features

  • Site Search. Powerful, personalized, AI search to boost product discovery.
  • Personalization. Make the experience unique for every single shopper every time.
  • Content. Personalized content and authentic UGC to increase conversions.
  • Segmentation and Insights. Dive deep on the things that make your shoppers tick.
  • Merchandising. Compelling product pages with complete control over merch rules.


  • Nosto’s pricing models aren’t publicly available but it’s free to install and you can request a demo for additional information.


Recharge is a Shopify app designed for merchants selling subscription-based or bundled products and services. This application simplifies the process of establishing and overseeing subscription programs, while also offering customers the convenience of managing their subscriptions through SMS or a user-friendly customer portal.

Rating on Shopify App Store: 4.5 (1422 reviews)

Key features

  • Reduces churn by giving customers the option to pause or alter their subscription rather than canceling it.
  • Integrates with all popular payment processing solutions to allow subscription-based payments.
  • Provides a wide range of actionable insights that you can use to optimize your subscription offerings.


  • A Standard plan that includes basic features and costs $99/month plus 1.25% + 19¢/transaction.
  • A Pro plan that includes additional features such as a customizable shopper portal and product variants and costs $499/month plus 1% + 19¢/transaction.


Attentive offers a comprehensive SMS and email marketing solution, facilitating the creation and optimization of campaigns while adhering to SMS and email marketing regulations. Geared towards assisting store owners, this platform streamlines the process of expanding subscriber lists and fosters more effective engagement through segmentation and targeting features, resulting in impactful campaigns.

Rating on Shopify App Store: 4.9 (20 reviews)

Key features

  • Custom integrations using Attentive’s Public APIs and developer resources.
  • Rewards management.
  • Design editor to create sign-up forms for your website and social media platforms.
  • Audience manager to target customers with personalized messages.
  • Business intelligence to help measure campaign performance.



Yotpo is a valuable retention tool providing assistance to numerous visionary brands in expediting their direct-to-consumer expansion. The platform offers advanced tools encompassing reviews, visual marketing, loyalty programs, referrals, and SMS services. Employing AI technology, Yotpo’s Reviews & Ratings and Visual UGC solutions enable brands to effectively gather and utilize customer-generated content, thereby establishing trust, motivating purchases, and fostering rapid progress. Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals simplifies customer loyalty and retention. Yotpo subscriptions is an intuitive subscription solution that enables brands to grow recurring revenue by giving customers an easy way to shop. Yotpo seamlessly integrates with Shopify Plus, ensuring continuous customer engagement across the entire purchase process.

Rating on Shopify App Store: 
Yotpo Product Reviews and UGC: 4.9 (6,334 reviews)
Yotpo Loyalty and Rewards: 4.7 (2,464 reviews)
Yotpo Subscriptions: 4.6 (113 reviews)

Key features

  • Stand out on a search with Google Seller Ratings and Google Shopping Ads.
  • Connect your reviews with our SMS, loyalty, and subscription product synergies.
  • All retention solutions are on one platform.
  • With all your data from every channel in one place, you can easily see customer behaviors, engagement, and preferences, and even get predictors on what they’ll do next — and when.
  • Build customized rewards & referral programs to engage existing customers and reach new ones.


  • Depends on the Yotpo integration but most of them have a free plan.

Plobal Apps collaborates with all these app providers, along with many others, to assist you to leverage the power of these apps and drive better results for your business. With Plobal Apps as your partner, you can navigate the complexities of mobile commerce, maximize customer engagement, and stay ahead in the competitive e-commerce landscape. Take the leap today and empower your e-commerce success with the winning combination of Shopify Plus and Plobal Apps.

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