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Integration Update: Plobal Apps Partners With Loyaltylion – Increase Customer Retention on Your Mobile App

We’re thrilled to announce that Plobal Apps has partnered with Loyalty Lion, helping Shopify merchants like you to run loyalty programs on their mobile apps.

Why did we build this?

  • Retain existing customers with zero marketing costs
  • More repeat purchases drive up the sales numbers

How does it work?
Reward your customers with loyalty points for their actions on your app, like social follow, purchases, sign-ups, writing a review, etc. Customers can then redeem these points in the mobile app itself while making a purchase.

Why should you care?

A loyalty Program is one of the most effective ways to create a loyal customer base, retain existing customers and foster better relations with them.
A slight lift of 5% in retention numbers can increase profits by up to 85%. 

How to get it rolling?

This feature only works if you have “Loyalty, rewards and referrals” installed on your Shopify store and is available only for customers on Plobal Apps’ Power Plans and above. Connect with your success managers at to set it up.

P.S – Here’s something fun for you to do

We’ve created a super fun bingo challenge for all eCommerce founders.

Download the below image, tick off the boxes on what you’ve done, post it on your Instagram story or posts, and tag us with #ecommbingo20.

Don’t have a mobile app yet?
Write to to set up a demo.

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