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How to add video to shopify

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Videos and in particular, product videos can have an incredible ability to increase conversions by better helping people understand your product and provide customers with as much information as possible about the products you offer.


How to add a video?

You need to add a Video Section to embed a video to your Shopify home page.

There are many themes which already come with a feature of adding video to your homepage by just inserting a link. To host a video, create an account on Youtube or any other social media sites you want to use. The video that you host will have a unique URL link, so you need to insert the URL link in the video section to embed the video.


How to add a Video Section?

Adding video to Shopify may slightly differ from theme to theme. But the basic steps to add video are as follows:

  • Login to Shopify admin, go to Online Store ——-> Themes ( or you can also press GWT)
  • Click on the theme that you want to edit and the click Customize theme
  • Navigate the Section tab
  • Click the Add Section link
  • You will find a Featured video option in the video area, click on that and then click
  • Click on Featured video again to enlarge it.
  • Enter the video’s link, you are hosting, in the Youtube or any other social media’s link field.
  • Enter a width for your video, (Width of a video is calculated as a percentage of the page width) in the Container Width
  • Click


Please Note:

  • There are some themes which do not support videos. So look for a Featured video option in the theme and if you could not find the Featured video option, then try using some alternate theme which supports video.
  • And also there are some themes which already have a video section in it by default, so for those themes you don’t need to Add Section to embed video.



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